Small Problems Consume Life: No Time To Really Live

Greg takes a look at cell phone lingo and says Unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited. He also took off on a time travel adventure to get away from Jesuit intrigue


Jesuits Recruiting Nationwide: They Want You!

Greg comments in a satirical manner about a Nov. 3, 2017 Jesuit article in their nationwide magazine,, entitled “Thinking About Joining the Jesuits? Stop sitting on the Fence and Try It Out.

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Preview YouTube video Jesuits Recruiting Nationwide They Want You! Greg Anthonys Journal

Jesuits Recruiting Nationwide They Want You! Greg Anthonys Journal

Katy Perry on Cannibalism and Her Cannibalistic Video

Is her French interview a hoax? Probably, most definitely, but her cannibalistic video isn’t. In the video, Perry is on the menu in the “Bon Appétit” video. The pop star is brined, breaded, and accessorized with garnishes by an army of chefs who don’t bat an eye. Greg plays it straight on the show as if the story about her French interview is true, as an example of how it’s difficult to get at truth on the internet as no one verifies anything anymore. However, it is really hard these days to tell really what is on the menu in Hollywood anyway, right?

Pedophile Priest Impregnates 12 year old; Says Holy Ghost Responsible!

Greg also talks about how the Vatican/Jesuit Plan for a One World Order is nothing new and dates back to the Roman Empire.

Tesla Time Travel: “I saw past, present and future”.

Greg looks at how Tesla was struck with 3.5 million volts during one of his experiments. Luckily one of his assistants turned off the power just in time. Also, Greg asks was the Philadelphia experiment in 1943 real when a US Navy ship apparently became invisible when copying one of Tesla’s experiments?

Lincoln Talks About Jesuit Plot To Kill Him

Charles Chiniquy recounts conversations with the 16th President of the United States.

The Great Create Your Own Religion Contest

See if you have what it takes to craft your own religion and enter the Great Create Your Own Religion Contest right here on The Investigative Journal. Winner will get a one hour radio show interview.

Entry Fee $20.00, payable using Donate Paypal button on this Web site.

Winner Chosen by Greg Anthony

Here Are Some Tips Before Writing Your New Religion and Sending it to

Part 1 Planning Your Religion
  1. Write a plan and outline first. Then Develop your final document.
  2. Develop a cosmology. …
  3. Select a name for your religion. …
  4. Develop a list of your religion’s core tenets. …
  5. Make it as original as possible
  6. Think about how many people will follow your ideas
  7. Read about historical examples.