Is George H.W. Bush Really Prescott Bush’s Son? Or Is He The Son Of Inventor Nikola Tesla’s German-Born Accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr.?

Eric Orion in his book, The Bush Connection, claims SS Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, told him in a death bed confession that Bush has been lying all along about his identity and was born in Germany, the son of Tesla’s accountant.

By Greg Szymanski

The history books say Hitler’s personal body guard and henchman Otto Skorzeny died in 1975.

Eric Orion of Florida says the former Nazi killer was alive and well only a few years ago, living under a fake CIA alias as a south Florida carpenter.

According to Orion, Skorzeny died several years ago at the ripe old age of 95 but not before he spilled out his guts to him in a death bed confession.

And after hearing Skorzeny’s story — a story so bizarre and incredible — it simply leaves mouths hanging wide open, wondering how in the world this could happen in America.

“I was dating this girl in south Florida and her father turned out to be the feared Nazi SS body guard to Hitler, Otto Skorzeny,” said Orion in an extended conversation from his Florida home, adding Skorzeny spilled the beans himself, not his x-girlfriend who remains tight lipped about her father’s past. “When I met him, he was 90 but looked a lot younger. He was 6’4″ with the biggest hand I ever shook in my life.” Continue reading


Searching For the Illuminati Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican

By Greg Szymanski
All roads lead to Piazza San Pietro when it comes to power, leadership and initiation into the devious and diabolical Illuminati. In the 1980’s, the Vatican Bank Scandal brought to light the connections between the Freemasons/Illuminati, the Vatican and the mafia. Secret initiations are said to take place in the catacombs of the Vatican and was Pope John Paul I killed after 39 days in office for wanting to expose the truth about Vatican finances and the Illuminati?

While Mass is being said in the Sistine Chapel and tourists are being shown the works of Michelangelo, deep within the bowels of the Vatican sits a large, circular room with 13 separate chambers, each leading to a distinct catacomb.

When a mummified body is placed in front of each doorway, a young child is then brutally sacrificed with a long, golden knife during what is said to be a secret induction ceremony for new members of the Illuminati, better known as the New World Order.

As a young freelance reporter in Rome during the early 1980s, I heard many rumors of these secret ceremonies from local shop owners, several drunken priests and a couple of local clairvoyants or fortune-telling card readers, one who apparently advised and guided the film career of the famous Italian film director, Federico Fellini. Continue reading

A 2005 Interview with the late Sherman Skolnick

Don’t miss this hour with Sherman, nicknamed the Judge Buster,. They don’t make them like him anymore. This interview was on Greg’s old GCN show.

Missing Korean War Vet; 9/11 Inside Job

Mon., January 30, 2006:
Former Rep. Bob Dornan (R-Ca) and Bob Dumas, whose brother has been missing since the Korean War, talk to Greg about the explosive POW issue and how thousands of Americans soldiers have been knowingly left behind enemy lines while families of the missing veterans have been lied to by the U.S. government.
For the last 15 minutes of the show, Greg talks to Phil Jayhan about their upcoming cross-country 911 truth tour.
Hour 1

Hour 2

The Best of Greg Going Back to 2006

Tue., January 31, 2006: Hr1 – Hr2 )
1st Hr. Guest: Bob Marshall ex-WWII Veteran who has spoken out against the Bush administration and believes that unless we wake up the USA is lost to everyone. He started several publications namely the Crocodile Club and American Eagle. 2nd Hr. Guest: Vic Sadot activist, zydeco, folk music author and performer teams up with Greg to talk with callers and listen to his The Ballad of Pat Tillman

NW Jesuits in 2011 Pay Largest Sex Abuse Settlement in U.S. History

A group of Northwest priests who sexually abused hundreds of children in the 1940s through the ’90s have agreed to pay $166.1 million to the victims, say attorneys involved in the settlement.
The huge payment by the Northwest Jesuits marks the largest settlement between a religious order and abuse victims in the history of the United States.
The abuse took primarily took place in Jesuit-operated mission schools and boarding schools on Indian reservations in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.
Many of the victims are now in their 50s or 60s, but still have not forgotten the fear and torment they suffered at the hands of Jesuit priests who abused them sexually and psychologically. Many of those children were brought to the missions after they were abandoned by their parents.
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Left wing Globalists and Right Wing Trumpers All work Together

Greg shows the Vatican/Jesuit plan using the Hegelian Dialectic to hoodwink Americans is alive and well. He also gives solid evidence of the Vatican/Jesuit or the “agency of Providence” was instrumental in the strategy behind the Revolutionary War and the foundation of the United States.
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