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Vatican High Level DC Porn Priest and Diplomat Flees to Vatican City to Avoid Prosecution.

A top level Vatican priest and Washington DC diplomat has been charged with child pornography but has been whisked away to the Vatican before US prosecutors could get their hands on him. Isn’t it interesting the Vatican does not enter into extradition treaties with other countries despite having treaties and concordats with more than 200 countries.

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - MAY 04: Pope Francis holds his General Weekly Audience in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, Vatican.

VATICAN CITY — A high-ranking priest working in the Vatican’s embassy in Washington has been recalled after U.S. prosecutors asked for him to be charged there and face trial in a child pornography investigation, Vatican and U.S. officials said Friday.

The diplomat was suspected of possessing, but not producing or disseminating, child pornography including images of pre-pubescent children, a U.S. source familiar with the case said. The source was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Vatican declined to identify the priest, but said he was currently in Vatican City and that Vatican prosecutors had launched their own probe.

If the accusations pan out, the case would be a major embarrassment for the Vatican and Pope Francis, who has pledged “zero tolerance” for sexual abuse. The diplomat would be the second from the Vatican’s diplomatic corps to face possible criminal charges for such crimes during Francis’ papacy. Any trial in the Vatican would come as Francis’ own financial czar, Cardinal George Pell, is on trial in his native Australia for alleged historic sex abuse cases.

The State Department said it had asked the Vatican to lift the official’s diplomatic immunity on Aug. 21. It said that request was denied three days later. For the State Department to make such a request, its lawyers would have needed to be convinced that there was reasonable cause for criminal prosecution.

The circumstances that prompted prosecutors to make the request, however, weren’t clear. The Justice Department, which would have brought any charges, did not immediately comment.

In a statement, the Vatican said the U.S. State Department had notified the Vatican on Aug. 21 of a “possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images” by one of its diplomats in Washington.

A U.S. official familiar with the case said the priest was a senior member of the Vatican embassy staff. The Vatican yearbook lists three counselors who work under the nuncio, or ambassador.

The Vatican said recalling the priest was consistent with diplomatic practice of sovereign states. In declining to identify him, the Vatican said the case was subject to confidentiality while still under investigation. It said the Vatican had asked for information about the case from the U.S; it wasn’t clear if any had been provided.

The Vatican has recalled envoys before — including its former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, who was recalled in 2013 after being accused of sexually abusing young boys on the Caribbean island.

The Vatican justified its decision to remove Monsignor Jozef Wesolowski from Dominican jurisdiction by submitting him first to a canonical court proceeding at the Vatican, and then putting him on trial in the Vatican’s criminal court, which has jurisdiction over the Holy See’s diplomatic corps.

Wesolowski was defrocked by the church court. But he died before the criminal trial got underway.

Dominican prosecutors initially balked at the recall, and they never filed charges because of his immunity.

The Vatican doesn’t have extradition treaties.

After he was defrocked, Wesolowski lost his diplomatic immunity and the Vatican said he could be tried by other courts. However, it refused to provide Dominican authorities with information about his whereabouts or how even he had pleaded to the charges.

The Vatican spokesman said he wouldn’t preclude if the diplomat’s case would also be referred to prosecutors in its canonical tribunal.


Vatican Cocaine Orgy; UNICEF and Vatican Bring Alien Agenda to School Kids

Today’s show is all about the Vatican and Jesuits. Greg looks at the Vatican cover up of the Cocaine orgy and the arrest of a high level Vatican Priest. Also, UNICEF in partnership with the Vatican released a alien video for school children on why they should accept alien visitors

Shocking What Pope and UNICEF Are Teaching Children

The Pope and UNICEF are preparing the world for a false Alien invasion or at the least an Alien landing of some sort.

You have to know that UNICEF has an agreement with an organization of the Vatican called Scholas Occurrentes” initiative.
This organization founded by Pope Francis is sponsoring UNICEF in an attempt to change the way children are educated.

This UNICEF alien video is not only evidence that there is a direct link between UNICEF and the Vatican but it suggests that behind the scenes the Vatican is part of the United Nations secretly initiative to prepare the human race to accept alien visitors with the ultimate goal to integrate these alien visitors into the human society, reports

The text in the description box below the video released on the Facebook page of UNICEF Chile is clear: “Knowing someone else is a great opportunity to live valuable experiences. Say yes to integration!”

INformation also compiled by Church of Mabus

Significance of No. 23; I Pet Goat II Analyzed

Greg says nothing serious today just a lot a talk about numbers, animated movies, Pet Goat II, The Simpsons and more.

I Pet Goat II Writing Contest: Enter Your Interpretation

The Investigative Journal is sponsoring the I Pet Goat II writing Contest. It is simple to enter. Just watch the video below, send in your written interpretation to There is a $25 entry fee. Send entry fees by using the donate button on this website If you choose to pay by snail mail, email Greg at above email for address. The winner and runner up will be invited to talk on a one hour show on The Investigative Journal. Pet Goat II originally surfaced in 2012 but has renewed interest with the 2017 solar eclipse traversing America. Remember, 4 years is like a split second to the Jesuits and occult. They plan events sometimes a hundred years in advance. It is the calculated method to their madness that good people overlook. Click the link below for audio details.

Watch Below:





Pet Goat II Telling US 3 Hurricanes Then WW3

I dealt with the analysis of I Pet Goat II on my Radio show yesterday and now provide the excellent video analysis done by a man with a good eye.
I am also extending my Pet Goat writing contest so don’t forget to sign up.

Here are some pictures and then listen to the analysis below.

This video is made by “Heliofant” and centers around destruction coming upon the USA, timed in sync with the Eclipse.

One event depicted after the eclipse is a hurricane hitting New York.

Interestingly, we find “NY Jose” written in the video as well:

BUT, this is just the beginning of woes that the video depicts… Nuclear attack follows…

Refresher Course on Jesuit Treachery

Greg spends the hour talking about the importance of understanding Jesuit and Vatican deception and their plans for a New World Order.

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