Dr. Ronald Cooke Pamplets

Dr. Ronald Cooke has written some interesting pamphlets, and for your learning experience here they are:

The Vatican Led New World Order Global Conspiracy

The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy (1985)

This is the fourth in a series of booklets on the Vatican in the Western world today. In this booklet we try to sketch the role that the Vatican plays in world politics today and the goal and plan it has for the world. We also look at the enormous financial resources that the Vatican possesses and the billions more which are at its disposal.

We also look at the part that the Jesuits play in helping to implement the goal of the Vatican. In our travels and teaching we find that there is almost a total blackout concerning the sinister aspirations of the Vatican and the Jesuits. Men who purport to write on the great conspiracy that is out to control the world not only never mention the Vatican, but if they do, they make the Vatican out to be the target of the conspiracy rather than the originator of the conspiracy.


Study on Mystery Babylon-Mystery Confusion

Mystery Confusion (Jesuit Vaticanomy Around the World) (1999)

A Study embracing the United States, El Salvador, and the European Economic Community, showing how differently the Roman Catholic System works to try to produce a Jesuit Vaticanomy.


Another Study on Mystery Babylon-Mystery Confusion

Debacle in Yugoslavia, what happened really?


Papal Theonomy and America Today (2002)

In this brief study I look at the religion of North America today. I try to examine the attempt of the Christian Coalition to bring America back to a Christian Culture. I look at the idolatry in the Roman Catholic Church; at the goals and power of the papacy; at the repudiation of the Reformation; at the impact of Jesuit teachings; and at the confusion which seems to exist among those who would class themselves as God’s people in America today. This study is far from exhaustive. It is merely a few suggestions that should cause the reader at least to think again about what is going on in the United States in 1996.


The Popes of Rome (1999)

The last few popes have been praised not only by Roman Catholics and other religious leaders, but by evangelical and fundamental Protestants. Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jack Van Impe, Pat Robertson, and James Robison all sing the praises of the papacy today. Does the papacy deserve such praise? Is the papacy worthy of the adulation heaped upon it by such men? Let the historical record answer these questions.