John Neihardt Remembered

A listener inspired by a short piece I posted called Blood Brothers From Different Places sent me this email about his experience with John Neihardt, the Poet Laureate in Perpetuity of the great state of Nebraska. He also wanted me to play a short interview Neihardt did at age 90 with Dick Cavette in 1973.

Here is the email and the short interview:

Here’s a link to a John Neihardt video — Neihardt wrote Black Elk Speaks and a history of the west in verse – Cycle Of The West, — he was the Poet Laurette of Nebraska and still is though gone now since 1973 — this Dick Cavette show inspired me to call Neihardt and go and see him and sell a spoken word album deal with him to UA records — I spent six months in prep and went to his farm in Missouri and we recorded two hours a day for 40 days —

This is he reciting the Death Of Crazy Horse from the Cycle, to Cavett – it’s in verse but it’s from all the descriptions he got from all his expereinces over all those years out there on the plains during the 33 years he was writing the Cycle. He was born in 1889.

John Neihardt’s web site is at

Life Together

Life Together, as they say:

I was agitated tonight, fire in my eyes but I won’t tell you why.

 But then I looked out my window, A horse grazing on green grass. I was thinking is this a hologram .
So, I looked out the window, it was real.This I promise really happened. A horse found his way to the only piece of green  grass I could see. The dogs that live nearby started barking terribly. I gave them a snake hiss which shuts them up. I learned that from an old Indian, not from India.
I knew then I was in the right place with the animals again

Journey to Your Soul

Night falls in America. Nobody sleeps. It is one day to the next as if the days do not exist.

An endless journey into the hell of what our beautiful America has become. It is a journey to the deepest part of hell.

Not on my watch. It has to be the deepest journey into my soul.

Imagine Another Life

I once imagined another life, someone not me, a person so different I might be able to live with him.

Usually I picked successful people, people who stood out from the crowd. I did it when I was young and still do it today.

But today I thought what if I picked someone not so successful like a slave or a Jew in the Polish Ghetto.

So let’s do it.

My feet are chained.They give me water and some bread so I can row along with the other men, some black men,some white, some brown, some yellow and they treat us like animals, worse. I have been rowing for 10 days and they let us sleep for two hours hunched over like the Hunchback from Notre Dame.

I’d rather die and hope I do for if there is a God he must be singing in the Heavens for somebody else.

So, I snapped out of it and said simply: Lucky to be me!

From the Mother’s Womb to an Unknown Place

One dies, another  comes. Souls leave, where do they go. No one can say for sure. But when the baby deer, baby baby comes, we know where they go: right to their mother’s breasts.

And life is a circle,  a world wind circle. One day with your mother, the next out in the cold looking for a stranger to make you happy.
It’s not an easy life but a good life, no matter how rich or poor. I said once: damn the rich, damn them for they know not, not the beauty and the courage to be poor.

Trouble In Firenze

I used to take all of August off when I lived in Rome. The whole month to myself, far too much time for any human being to handle and way too much time to get in trouble and trouble I did.

Set out for Florence, heard it was rich with art, a cultured city far above what was going on in Rome.

Italians say Southern Italy, the moochers and so on, those without Industrial purpose, they start in Rome and it gets worse the farther south to Calabria you go. No respectable Milanese or Fiorintino would live beneath the southern boundary line unless they were there to buy up land and get rich on the poor.

No different than the States, just a bit more covered in good pasta and red wine.

I will make this short as the trouble I got in, not proud to blast it all over.

Brought my guitar and a tent, no money for hotels. Set up shop in a little area for tent goers during some art and music festival. I went to a lot of those back then from Sardenia to Capri but mostly for the wine, not the music or art.

So back to trouble.

I started playing my guitar and a few people gathered, one in particular. She sat for awhile and listened for awhile and then we talked. I looked into her eyes. I fell in love. Trouble right there. She was from Rome, nor far from me and we went out for three years.

It ended and the trouble was I knew it would that very same night.

Sweet Mama Dog Loving A Child; Two Small Baby Puppies Up For Adoption

What can you say about the Video below better than what a young DS child said: “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes”. It has 22 million hits and counting on the original by Jim Stenson which can’t be played on other sites. Others have got permission to post and I’ve included one of those. Made me cry, I dare admit. After watching the video below go to Jim’s and read his show description. It’s priceless.

The picture below the video is of two three pound between them, 7 week old miniature something puppies. Cute as can be, built low to the ground and playful. There is a feed supply store in town that I stop by all the time. Nice assortment of animals, livestock. They take in abandoned dogs and here in Mexico, like America, there are too many. They always have more than they can handle and I said I would assist them. These are the first two little girls, Jackie and Jill, I am helping them with. They have their first series of shots, wormed and a their flee bath. I bought them a crate and are patrolling my kitchen as we speak. I am looking for a good home for them. I can bring them back to the States if need be.

I had to take them as the stores cages were full and these two little girls were left with six bigger Labs who were eating all their food so I worked it out with the store owners and here they are in need of a good home. Contact me at if interested.

I plan on fixing up my garage and garden to help a few more overflow rescue dogs and the video here  points out why.

House Judiciary To Investigate Hillary; Chem Trails are Killing US

Two issues to clear up:
In the first video, US House Rep. King rips the veil off the Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Loretta Lynch cover up. It should be noted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, investigating Trump, was deeply involved in the Uranium 1 Clinton scandal. He should be investigated, as well.

If they are getting white hot for Trump’s scalp, then there is every reason to appoint another Special Counsel  to investigate the Clinton mess. As we speak, 20 House Republicans in the Judiciary Committee have called to investigate the Clinton gang. Let’s see where it goes.

We all know we are being sprayed to death with Chem trails. A listener sent me this next video, saying:
“I sincerely believe this chemtrail pilot signaled the world that Chemtrails are NOT the exhaust from jet engines!  He did it by turning on and off the chemtrails over and over and over again!  This gives us case closed proof that we are being sprayed by Chemtrails!   You can’t get any better proof than this!  Send this video viral!   I first noticed chemtrails in 1996 and sent the proof to Matt Drudge dozens of times over the next few years.  Drudge has hidden the proof of Chemtrails to this very day!   He’s not your buddy!  Anybody who censors chemtrails from you is working for the evil ones!”

The Last of the Mafia Mohicans

The Mob. Cosa Nostra, the Camorra.

I knew some of these people, met them, had coffee with them, drank wine with them  when I lived in Italy and when I returned to NY interviewed Tony Gambino, grandson of the Boss. He was straight forward. So would you be after spending more than a decade in the pen.

As America sits now, someday you will wish they were back. You think about that, as what we have now is worse, much worse….There are no rules now, rules most people don’t understand.

One of my favorite actors said it best when he portrayed the Teflon Don or what I say the last of the NY Mohicans:

Jimmy Stewart, Beau, Max and Moose Miss All You Guys

There are so many Jimmy Stewart movies I like, can’t remember them all.. Loved his style, his movies, the way he handled stage and off stage. Dedicated to his wife, his country, his craft. But when I saw the video below I gained further respect as I am going through a loss of my friends like I think Jimmy felt when he lost his friend, Beau. It gave me great comfort to hear these words from a true gentleman, the likes of which Hollywood hasn’t seen for a long time.

Listen up: