Why Protestants Follow Jesuit Futurism

A great case can be made that Jesuits have infiltrated Protestant Churches, bringing them under the umbrella of the Beast in Rome.


Muslim Western Invasion; NSA Creates Child “Psychic Warriors”?

What is going on in Europe is coming to America. The worldwide Muslim Invasion makes Saladin’s pale in comparison. Remember, the Vatican created Islam and using it again as an enemy of the West and Christianity. Greg also looks at the NSA secret program of creating Child Psychic Warriors.

Will Satanism, Homosexuality, Sexual Depravity Become the “New Normal”?

Whistleblower talks about pedophilia, child sacrificing and cannibalism amongst elites in Belgium and elsewhere.

9/11 Hollow Towers and Faked Deaths

 Greg looks at some new theories about the truth about 9/11

Occult Hollywood, Reptilians and Pre Adamites

Greg explores occult symbolism in Hollywood movies and Disney as well as asking why do people believe in Reptitlians and Pre Adamites?

2060 America: What a Horror Show

Greg looks at life in 2060 and gives some wise advice on how to prepare.

Small Problems Consume Life: No Time To Really Live

Greg takes a look at cell phone lingo and says Unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited. He also took off on a time travel adventure to get away from Jesuit intrigue