A Green Beret In The End Fights For Christ

A story about the tragedy of war, the realization of a better world, a world not of this place. I, personally, became a better person knowing this man, Lt Col. “Dangerous” Dan Marvin, and enjoy bringing him back to you.

Green Beret Assassin Tells All Greg Anthonys Journal

The covert CIA world described in this show was verified by a Kansas City Federal District Court verdict in favor of the late Lt. Col. Dan Marvin. Dan and I over the years became good friends. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 78.

Fake Moon Landing, 911 Where Does It End Greg Anthonys Journal

The Jesuit deceptions run deep. Their name may not be on it but they are there signed, sealed and delivered with a post mark stamped: Evil. Just check out Jesuit Astronomers from the 1600s on up and you will see what I mean. Astronomical thought could be good but not when the rulers of evil at involved.

Alice You’re Going To The Moon Greg Anthonys Journal

The old Jackie Gleason movies don’t do justice to the fraud of NASA lies. We never went to the moon, the opening salvo of what the earth is really like. When they say round, I say flat. If you have any doubt of NASA lies, listen here…

Clinton Foundation Rips Off Haiti Greg Anthonys Journal

Published on Jul 17, 2017
Greg looks at how the people of Haiti have been victimized. And just when the two people, Bill and Hillary Clinton were ready to be fingered in Haiti’s official judicial circles, as well as the in the US government, the star witness was “suicided”.
Also, Greg looks at Microwave WEAPONS to be used on you. Patents To Manipulate The Human Nervous System Using Electromagnetic Frequencies?

Jesuit Gunpowder Plot Revisited Greg Anthonys Journal

From the first moment the details of the plot to blow up The House of Commons became known, the government sought to have the Jesuits incriminated as being behind it. During the final years of Elizabeth’s reign severe legislation had been passed making Jesuits and those who harboured them, criminals, punishable by death. Many Jesuit priests were subsequently captured and executed. The Society of Jesus was founded by a Spaniard, Ignatius Loyola, under the name “The Company of Jesus”. Ratified in a Papal Bull of Paull III, the name was latinised to “Societas Jesu” on 27 September 1540. Loyola’s self reform and his enlistment of followers, was not initially set up as a vehicle to oppose Protestant doctrine, moreover it had in its aims academic study and education. Loyola offered his orders services to the Pope, and in time they became a powerful tool in the Papal Counter Reformation of the sixteenth century. Taken from the GPS. The Gunpowder Plot Society

Rainbow Bridge Makes Vatican/Jesuits Look Small

 Greg has no desire to talk about the Jesuits today. In fact, he feels they are like little flies, pesky and annoying. Instead, he looks to something so much more important. He looks to how we deal with the loss of those we love and only God knows how many the Vatican has taken from us. “We feel deeply their loss, we grieve, we cry, we are human,” said Greg. “That is what separates us from sociopaths in the Jesuit Order and their minions in government dedicated to genocide, mass murder and satanic destruction.”