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DOD Awards Upwards of $140 Million Contract Enabling Pre-filled Syringes for Future COVID-19 Vaccine

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Mandatory Vaccinations were always in the medical tyrants’ game plan. They will stick it to you good this time. Unless you take the needle, no travel, no shopping, no nothing.

Throw Constitutional arguments out the window since the judiciary is loaded with crooked judges. An honest judge has been listed as the most endangered species in the country, according to the only Bar association worth a damn headquartered at Sam’s Tavern on the north side of Chicago.

Here is contract entered into in May 2020 authorizing over 500 million syringes by 2021. This is only the beginning. Sadly, most Americans will stick their arms out willingly. They will do this because thy are not educated about the real dangers of vaccines. These are the same people who do not realize that this whole Covid 19 fear mongering plandemic is  a worldwide scam, leading to a one world government, one world religion.

Following statement from Lt. Col. Mike Andrews, Department of Defense spokesman released May 13, 2020:

“Today the Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, announce a $138 million contract with ApiJect Systems America for “Project Jumpstart” and “RAPID USA,” which together will dramatically expand U.S. production capability for domestically manufactured, medical-grade injection devices starting by October 2020.

Spearheaded by the DOD’s Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF), in coordination with the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, the contract will support “Jumpstart” to create a U.S.-based, high-speed supply chain for prefilled syringes beginning later this year by using well-established Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) aseptic plastics manufacturing technology, suitable for combatting COVID-19 when a safe and proven vaccine becomes available.

By immediately upgrading a sufficient number of existing domestic BFS facilities with installations of filling-line and technical improvements, “Jumpstart” will enable the manufacture of more than 100 million prefilled syringes for distribution across the United States by year-end 2020.

The contract also enables ApiJect Systems America to accelerate the launch of RAPID USA manufactured in new and permanent U.S.-based BFS facilities with the ultimate production goal of over 500 million prefilled syringes (doses) in 2021. This effort will be executed initially in Connecticut, South Carolina and Illinois, with potential expansion to other U.S.-based locations. RAPID will provide increased lifesaving capability against future national health emergencies that require population-scale vaccine administration on an urgent basis.

RAPID’s permanent fill-finish production capability will help significantly decrease the United States’ dependence on offshore supply chains and its reliance on older technologies with much longer production lead times. These supplies can be used if a successful SARS-COV-2 vaccine is oral or intranasal rather than injectable.”

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America Free Once Jesuit Curse Broken

Fascism, riots, burning, vandalizing, police stand downs ordered are the new normal we are told.
However, the only way to solve the problem is to follow Gen. Slats Grobnik’s Second American Revolution where breaking the Jesuit curse is the first order of business. Furthermore, this revolution is not under orders or controlled by the supreme Jesuit command and not funded by their Jesuit shills like Soros and others.



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Exhaustive Covid 19 Study by a Concerned Citizen Not a Paid Off CDC or WHO Medical Hack

Editor’s Note: This was sent to us for those citizens wanting a thorough look at this staged pandemic, the precursor for the finalization of the Vatican/Jesuit Led one world order, one world religion.

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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Covid-19 Crisis~Updates:


We have put the conclusions and comments below and they are well worth reading.

2030 Mission ‘Orwellian Brave New World Order’ complete unless we wake up.

Some of the pertinent question:

  • Does the virus exist and if it does, where does it come from?
  • Why do so many positive patients suffer from minor or no symptoms?
  • What test do they use?
  • How do they report a death or a case?
  • Why was Italy, not to mention the US, hit so badly?
  • Will things ever go back to normal?
  • Are there any links between 5G and the virus?
  • What is this crisis accomplishing?
  • Who is benefiting from it?
  • What are they hiding from us?
  • What can we do


Factual Statements:

  • No one has isolated a new virus and none of Koch’s postulates have been fulfilled.
  • Our immune response releases exosomes when exposed to toxic substances, stress & fear, cancer, asthma, infection, diseases, EM radiation etc
  • We have exosomes with the same ACE-2 Receptors as the new alleged virus and both are found in the lung fluid and have genetic material in the form of RNA.
  • The RT-PCR Test should not be used for diagnosing infection disease because it does not test for the virus itself, instead it amplifies an RNA sequence (≈45x)  that is assumed to be associated with the alleged Sars-Cov2
  • The RT-PCR Test has not been compared to any gold standard and has shown to have an 80% false positive
  • Around 4/5 people who test positive have minor or no symptoms.
  • If someone is tested positive by the RT-PCR Test and passes away, Covid-19 is reported as the primary cause regardless of other co-morbidities or the actual cause 
  • Since January 2019 up until a lockdown was enforced, the total number of deaths actually decreased compared to the last 5 years’ average
  • The lockdown is indirectly causing a great number of deaths
  • Masks do the opposite to what they are intended, they suffocate us with Carbon dioxide and weaken our immune system
  • Social distancing deprives us of herd immunity
  • The elderly and disabled are being coerced into signing ‘Do Not Resuscitate Forms’
  • Doctors are being pressured to write Covid-19 on the Death certificate, some are even being incentivized to put patients straight onto ventilators
  • Wrong protocol being used by hospitals which are actually harmful
  • Successful alternative treatments e.g. Vitamin C and Hydroxochloroquine are being ignored and discouraged by hospitals 
  • Deaths are being relabelled, and the total number of claimed Covid-19 deaths are being inflated multiple times, even then, they amount to less than the total number of deaths caused by influenza (Flu)
  • Crucial data is not being reported e.g. how many are tested positive, how many have recovered, the co-morbidities, age etc
  • 99% of all deaths in Italy had one, two, three or more pre-existing or current health conditions
  • The government and media are constantly misleading us with lies.
  • Anybody that questions the official narrative is censored
  • Thousands of videos and channels are being deleted off YouTube and Facebook
  • Google algorithms are manipulating our search results
  • Fast-paced Implementation of 5G during lockdown
  • AGI and biometric systems for surveillance and control are dependent 5G
  • 5G weakens our immune system, makes us more susceptible to viruses and causes respiratory issues…
  • No independent testing or Debate on safety of 5G by the Government or the media
  • Fauci made a public statement in 2017 that the presidency of Trump will see a pandemic outbreak
  • Fauci allowed the gain of function study of coronaviruses to continue in Wuhan despite a moratorium being officially passed, and invested $3.7 million twice [21.02]
  • Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx have close ties and joined financial interests [21.04]
  • Bill Gates owns numerous patents on coronaviruses and vaccines via his group of companies, investments and initiatives
  • Everybody on the UK vaccine commission has financial links to Bill Gates
  • Bill Gates is the largest funder of the World Health Organisation which directs the world health policy
  • Tedros, director of the WHO, has perpetuated crimes against humanity [21.06]
  • Bill Gates founded the Gavi, the vaccine alliance for marketing and distribution of vaccine worldwide and has developed an implantable quantum dot microneedle (quantum tattoo)
  • Gavi, Microsoft and Rockefeller foundation are the founding partners in ID2020
  • Bill Gates co-founded the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) in 2017 which is developing the new DNA and mRNA vaccine for the alleged Covid-19
  • Microsoft has filed Patent 202060606 in September 2018 converging cryptocurrency, Biometric digital ID and Surveillance/ population control.
  • Bill Gates ran Event 201- a coronavirus type simulation in October  2019
  • The Rockefeller foundation have been assessing a corona type pandemic since at least 2010
  • DARPA, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have invested millions upon millions into Inovio and Moderna for the manufacture of DNA and mRNA vaccines.
  • The unproven DNA & RNA Vaccines use nanotechnology and genetically modify us and are being fast tracked without animal testing 
  • U.S. has already approved complete immunity to vaccine manufacturers… other countries have followed/ are following/ will follow.
  • Bill Gates also has investments in 5G, Biometric Systems, Video Satellites, Synthetic Meat, GMOs, Geoengineering etc
  • Cash is being vilified and depreciating in value
  • The economy and small businesses are being destroyed
  • Our fundamental freedom and rights are being suppressed with new draconian measures and Laws e.g. US H.R.6666, health protection regulation 2020, and the control of disease act 1984 etc in the name of protecting us
  • 2030 – The Landmark year 2030 of total control: UN’s Agenda 2030 (New World Order 2030), NSCAI’s interim report (wants to surpass China’s model of surveillance and AI in the western world by 2030) etc.

Many additional points I have not included that are embedded throughout the document.

                                                    Some Questions we must Ask:

  • If Covid-19 does exist, why has no one properly isolated it?
  • Why has no one followed Koch’s postulates?
  • Why are we using the RT-PCR Test, that has not been compared to any Gold standards and whose inventor said it shouldn’t be used for diagnosing infectious diseases?
  • Why are fear and panic being promoted via coordinated efforts to inflate the Covid-19 death figures?
  • Why not talk about the hundreds of thousands who claimed to have recovered? 
  • Why are alternative approaches such as Hydroxychloroquine and Vitamin C being ignored/ discouraged?
  • Why has the lockdown not been withdrawn after Fergeson’s models were revised?
  • Why censor people and take away our freedom of speech if there is nothing to hide?
  • Why are we being locked inside, with constant stress and fear being fed?
  • Why is 5G Radiation being rolled out at such quick pace during lockdown?
  • Why is it so essential to vaccinate the whole world including the healthy?
  • If you haven’t followed Koch’s postulates and isolated the virus, how are you meant to be developing a vaccine?
  • Will DARPA, Bill Gates… and the Elite pass up on this opportunity of applying their own hidden agendas and technologies to these vaccines?

The list of questions is endless…


There is a new virus which affects people differently. It is mild and not deadly at all. It is only a potential threat to those with compromised immune systems and other critical health issues but this goes without saying for any type of virus! It is like the flu, it comes and it goes. Most people won’t even realise they have/had it [16.30]assuming it was a flu, a cold, a fever or a cough because the symptoms seem to be so general. Some won’t even notice it. This virus may very well have some effects on the lungs but nothing near to what the media claimsThe new claimed virus got public attention during the flu season which confused the matter even more. The virus is no way near as virulent as it once was which I shall address later.

It is 100% not a naturally occurring coronavirus. The natural evolution of a SARS type virus to jump directly from bats to humans would take around 800 years. It is impossible for bats to transmit a natural coronavirus to humans because they cannot interact with human cells with ACE2 receptors. A gain of function is necessary as previously mentioned in order to make it transmissible to humans. A natural occurring coronavirus cannot cause certain claimed effectsOver a quarter of the population is already likely to have caught it and have small harmless traces left. We must simply protect ourselves by being healthy e.g. boosting our immune system with Vitamin C and build natural herd immunity by going about our normal lives.

Hardly anyone knows the true nature or origin of this virus as no one has publicly isolated it or followed Koch’s Postulates. If actually isolated, it would become crystal clear that it the virus is neither natural nor deadly.

The Sars-Cov2 portrayed in the official narrative is simply non-existent and we must eliminate this image of a dangerous ‘Covid-19’ that is likely to kill us if we contract it. The RT-PCR test is actually testing for the RNA of exosomes with ACE-2 Receptors which are excreted by our body’s defence mechanism when subject to various toxicities.

The new virus has an indirect association with the US Gain of Function studies/ research which continued in Wuhan. ‘Gain of Function’ experiments are carried out to create bioweapons or more commonly to produce vaccines. When creating vaccines, they would grow certain viruses with different animal tissues and then with human lung tissues allowing the virus to evolve at a super rate. They would also culture viruses in animal cell lines in laboratories. It is very well known that coronaviruses are manipulated and modified in order to be used in vaccines.

In this particular gain of function, they used ‘VeroE6 monkey kidney cell line’ which came from Fort Detrick’s USAMRIID – US Army Research Institute of Infectious Disease, biosafety level 3 and 4 facility located in Maryland where such experiments were officially carried out under Anthony Fauci until a 2014 moratorium was officially placed on such studies because of the dangers and ethics involved.

I am certain that these ‘Gain of Function studies’ were carried out in order to produce vaccines that could make humans more controllable and submissive and less susceptible to cosmic energy. In simple terms: to dumb us down. This is achieved by viruses attacking certain segments of our genome (DNA) that affects our cognitive thinking and alter us genetically.

The point I am making is that the Pentagon and the U.S. military have been working on human DNA/RNA vaccines in the shadows for a long time. Fort Detrick has a reputation of carrying out such classified dark experiments including the area of mind control [21.08].

It’s ironic that vaccines that are supposed to protect us against infectious disease actually cause significant amounts of harm. They are now being used as stealth bioweapons against us.

According to my research, top secret vaccine experiments and gain of function research continued at Fort Detrick’s USAMRIID (Pentagon’s main biodefence lab and US military’s leading laboratory for ‘biological defence research) even after the 2014 moratorium. The vaccine trials started on US military soldiers in early 2018, shortly after the moratorium was lifted in December 2017.

The vaccine experiments didn’t quite go to plan and the virus in some cases did the opposite to what was initially intended.

The virus affects people differently, to some it may be deleterious, to others it might have positive effects but it is certainly nothing to be afraid of as previously mentioned. These vaccines and viruses are not designed to kill people directly but to challenge our immune system and genetically modify us by targeting specific codons for a particular outcome/ agenda given that certain personality traits are linked to certain DNA factors.

The virus has the potential, depending on the person, to change DNA making individuals more susceptible to cosmic information of the positive (STO) variety. It can also enhance and activate long suppressed codons of a beneficial nature that make us lescontrollable and more susceptible to cosmic energy.

We are already witnessing more and more people who are awakening in present times and starting to question what they’re being told.

This was recognised by the Chinese regime (were also part of these ‘Gain of Function’ studies) who did not want this particular strain of virus with beneficial effects to spread; hence they took draconian measures to stop the virus which were subsequently followed by the majority of the world.

The new virus has been circulating since the first trials on the U.S. military in early 2018 but properly escaped Fort Detrick around May 2019. The virus was being reported as alleged EVALIInfluenza and other infectious disease. It has mutated as all viruses do into two major strains. The virus was carried to Wuhan, China by U.S. military soldiers who participated in Wuhan’s Military World Games.

A large number of English news reports about the closure of Fort Detrick were deleted, displaying a “404 not found” page. Many articles and Chinese reports that conclude that the new virus is very likely to have originated in the US, particularly Fort Detrick have also been deletedDr. Judy Mikovitz, who worked at Fort Detrick, agrees that the virus is likely to have originated at Fort Detrick.

The virus was far more virulent and threatening when it first escaped but even then it seemed to vary from host to host but this is simply no longer the case. Whenever you hybridize a virus, it has the tendency to return back to its original state. Even small random mutations that persist for a while, end up being extinct, the virus becomes less and less effective. Viruses that have been modified genetically and undergo a gain of function DEVOLVE! One way of putting it, the more people through whom it spreads, the weaker it becomes. It takes time after catching the virus for symptoms to manifest; if they do. I repeat; over 25% of us are very likely to have already caught it!

The virus started to increasingly spread in the US from July 2019 onwards but the symptoms were being officially masked and attributed to other diseases e.g.                   EVALI and Influenza.

The virus spread exponentially at the Wuhan military games which had just under         10 000 competitors from 110 different countries, around 250 000 volunteers and a main stadium with a capacity of 58 000 people. Many spectators came to visit from different regions and countries. This is why it spread so quickly.

Once China came into the picture, it was seen as a perfect opportunity for the U.S. to lay the blame on China through mass propaganda. It was implied that a natural bat coronavirus originated in Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood market where the alleged          Sars-Cov1 was claimed to have originated in 2003. The virus did not originate in Huanan Seafood Market; however, given its activities and location, it must have helped the spread of the virus.

Let me make this clear, bats were not present at the Wuhan’s wet market and the Chinese do not have a tradition of eating bats. The only place where bats are regularly used as food is the Pacific island Palau and Indonesia. Journalists from France 24 TV [21.10] recently tracked down the makers of five of the six most-shared videos of people eating bats; they found that all videos were filmed in Palau or Indonesia, in locales where bats have traditionally been consumed as food. Not to mention, bats hibernate from November onwards.

It is clear that virus was derived from a bat coronavirus that underwent a gain of function so that it could be used in the RNA/DNA vaccine that didn’t do what was intended.

It is evident that the Elite had been planning and preparing for a ‘coronavirus type crisis’ so they could impose a RNA/DNA vaccine as we are currently seeing  to pull off a perfect vaccine scam etc.

So the Elite were therefore in a position to also take advantage of this unexpected cross contamination accident to accelerate a majority of their agendas, many of which are  stated in UN agenda 2030 (New World Order 2030) and the NSCAI Interim Recommendation.

Only very few at the top of the pyramid were aware of such vaccine experiments and other related plans. They had to quickly adjust their plans to new circumstances which is why there was a lot discoordination among authorities in the initial phase.

Given that the vaccines experiments didn’t go to plan, a mandatory RNA/DNA vaccine becomes an absolute essential countermeasure. Now those behind the creation of this virus are working overtime to enforce the new experimental vaccines around the world.

What you can expect: 

  • Multiple waves.

They are manipulating this crisis using a Test, the Media and all their other unlimited political and financial resources (whatever it takes). As we have witnessed, it is disgustingly easy to generate fear and mass hysteria. Our behaviour is very predictable especially to how conditioned we are and all the data they have access to. 

They are now in a commanding position to direct certain outcomes according to how events unfold. They can stop and continue the ‘pandemic’ at will. They will claim that they are considering the impacts and dealing with the virus. They want you to remain calm as they slowly withdraw the lockdown.

Then, they will create and manoeuvre another wave; it is very likely that they will manipulate the excretion of exosomes with external toxicities e.g. the lockdown effects but particularly 5G radiation, by increasing its power output and adjusting it to certain frequency bands to perpetuate the illusion that a new wave has broken out. This will make the ‘wave’ appear to be realistic. There will likely be multiple waves until the government says that more desperate measures are needed such as mandatory vaccines.

  • Being restricted certain freedoms unless you acquiesce and cooperate

Laws are already being passed and edited to alter your rights. The UK amongst other countries is unlikely to make the new vaccines mandatory in order to avoid direct public resistance and controversy. Instead, they will indirectly force you – blackmail.

  • Food Shortages
  • Bizarre Events

I am expecting many twists and turns of bizarre events.

For example, we have already started to see very extremely odd and dangerous weather patterns [21.12] [21.14] [21.16] and this are likely to continue e.g. Huge cyclone that hit Bangladesh, Earthquake in new Zealand, Tornadoes in the U.S. (Louisiana), flooding in Kenya, Blizzards in June etc. You should watch [21.18]

In every plan, there are always flaws, in every action, there are always risks. The risk the Elite are taking is Exposure. This could all potentially backfire due to the amount of people who are waking up and starting to see through the deception. This is the best opportunity to counter attack by standing up for our rights through civil disobedience.

We must acquire knowledge, expand awareness and raise consciousness. And if we do nothing, society is heading towards Orwellian Brave New World by 2030.

To those who have awakened, it is our duty to stand up for our rights and the rights of our fellow humans who are either asleep or too scared to fight. It is now or never, we must help those who are fast asleep to become wide awake. 

If you have reached this point, I am assuming you have a completely new perspective on what has happened, what is currently happening, and what is yet to happen.

Please email if you have any doubts, questions, enquiries, feedback or additional information you think is relevant: I am open to teach/ learn and broaden our understanding. If you email me, I will be able to notify you when I make updates with your consent.

Keep on Reading….

Additional Links: [21.20] [21.22] [21.24] [21.26] [21.28]WHAT CAN WE DO?

1) Free yourself of fear, any kind of fear ~ it will be what it will be. 


  • Fear is an illusion; it can be eradicated by having control over your mind and emotions. Danger is a threat, the biggest threat we are currently facing is the vast amounts of fear. So to kill the danger, we must kill the fear.


2) Knowledge Protects ~ Ignorance Endanger:  


  • Stop watching TV. TV is a hypnotic opener and makes you more susceptible to subliminal propaganda.
  • Stop listening to the mainstream media. Check alternative media (sources), read books and do your own research.
  • Expand your awareness, share knowledge and help others without expectation. People need to realise what’s at stake! We have the true power but people need to start to wake up and refuse to acquiesce!
  • Decondition yourself. Introspect on life and its events and question everything.

Here is a brilliant 20 minute weekly news report with James from and James from that I strongly recommend[22.0]

3) Do not infringe other people’s freewill ~ Do not let other people infringe yours


  • Distance yourself from those who try to infringe your freewill even if they are immediate family, spouse or friends.  
  • Do not be forced in doing things that you know not to be right.
  • Be conscious of infringing others free will including your friends, family and fellow human beings.
  • Question each and every of your actions and reactions.
  • Respects other people’s rights to have different opinions. You must guide them and educate them but do not forcefully impose your will upon others
  • Stand your ground. Take initiation regardless of others.  Eliminate dependency on the system and on society’s beliefs.  Don’t let anyone change who you truly are.

4) Do not acquiesce to Vaccinations or new implantable Biometric Systems

  • You need to be strong minded; do not think of the consequences. Do what you feel to be right, regardless of others.
  • Freedom is being able to think for yourself but this will fade away once you are microchipped and vaccinated and connected to AI via 5G

I am seriously concerned for those who willingly want to be vaccinated without knowing what they’re actually doing to their bodies; even doctors are unaware.

This is my body, this is my mind and this is my spirit. You will certainly not infringe my free will by vaccinating me and modifying my genetics which will be passed on for generations.

A call of awakening is on the rise and in serious need.

5) Divert yourself from our centralized systems ~ Data is the New Oil.


  • Decentralise digitally and economically. Stop using platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok etc
  • Switch off the Covid-19 Tracking on your phone (automatically part of update)


They need people’s consent, our data, makes us more predictable and easier to manipulate.


6)  Eat & Live Healthy 


  • No canned food, No processed food, No industrial food, No GMOs.
  • Always check the ingredients when you buy a product and find out what those ingredients are. 
  • Boost your immune system to protect yourself from any viruses or potential health issuesStart attacking the roots, use proper natural remedies including vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc 
  • Go out in the sun, take some fresh air and do breathing & physical exercises.
  • Start cooking yourself.
  • If you have a garden, start planting your own Organic crops so you are less dependent on the system who want to control all food supplies and toxify them with pesticides & GMOs. 

I recommend the following book [22.1]You will know your body’s mechanism inside out. It is available for free as a PDF and will change your perspective on health.

 7) Detach yourself from your phone, social media and other technology. 

  • Do not sleep next to your phone. Put it on aeroplane mode when you’re not using it.
  • Avoid placing your phone near your head, start calling with wired earphones.
  • Minimize your involvement with social media; you will start to progress more.

PDF [22.2]: 10 best ways to prevent and reverse EMF damage. How to protect yourself from 5G and radiation[22.3] [22.4] [22.5]Book [22.6]on how to heal body after radiation exposure etc.

8) Become self disciplined ~ Raise your vibration

  • Destroy all negative energy within you because that’s what they want.          (Fear, Depression, Anxiety, Paranoia, Stress…) 
  • Meditate. Become psychically prepared, make wise decisions and ignore the pathetic drama. 
  • Read Non-Fiction Books to expand your awareness and raise consciousness

If you are consumed by low vibrating emotions, you will attract just that.  Your thoughts are energy; they will attract the same energy – Manifestation of Reality.                         You’d be surprised by the power of our universe’s energies and vibrationsRemain positivefind your path because it’s going to be a journey with many twists and turns.      I strongly recommend reading the books in the ‘book section’ of:  [20.7]                                                                           

9) Buy precious assets and metals if you can ~ Cash is depreciating in value.

Choose liberty over tyranny

The system has conditioned you to think that intelligence is being able to pass exams. Many will reject what is exposed in this document before having laid eyes on it. Many are little more than software programs, manipulated by the system’s conditioning, the same way computer software is manipulated by coding.  But it’s never too late, we can change the coding, we can guide others and contribute towards a paradigm shift and the beauty of unity. Intelligence and wisdom is not the same thing.  

You need to play your part in the mass awakeningStanding up by yourself is difficult but you must take initiation according to your free will. You must become independent. With your input people can wake up. 

The Elite have money and influence but we have the Will Power. They only have control and power if our awareness is locked in their cage. Once we break free from that cage and put our foot on the ground – We Can Make a Change! 

It’s time to put our differences to the sideoverlook political, cultural, religious, sexual and racial segregation and unite because this is a fight for freedom whether you acknowledge it or not. I have accepted that many will choose not to listen but you must always try and show them a path! There will potentially be a split in the population of those who appreciate true freedom and those who are trapped in the system’s illusions.

Never think that it’s hopeless and that you’re powerless, that’s the exact mindset that will infringe our free wills! That’s what you call a hopeless mentality, not the other way round.  Even if you think we cannot make a change overall does not mean you can’t change the lives of individuals! Just because you think you can’t win, you’re just going to give up and accept tyranny?

Never underestimate your potential and power of unity!  Once you enlighten one person, it can lead to them enlightening three more and so on like a chain reaction. Like the roots expanding from a single seed

It’s Now or Neveragenda 2030 is only a decade away. I don’t want to raise my children in the world described in this document. 

Share this reportencourage people to read it, educate them, motivate them, guide them and wake them up instead of clapping for the NHS. If only 1 in 10 people wake up, they’ll have extreme difficulties.  Click here for inspiration.


There is always a balance, a yin and a yangLies are being forced upon us, many are being brainwashed and I do not blame them but some are starting to realize that something is extremely wrong. It is the perfect time for a shift in consciousness, a counter-attack. People are at home all day, many will be willing to read and research but they need to be guided. Be the one to give them such an opportunity. 

Personally, this lockdown has amplified my purpose in being of Service To Others. My own friends say that what I am doing is useless, that I can’t change the world, and that the system has too much power. Many say it’s a realistic mindset but I say it’s a feeble one. All I know is I am not giving up my free will without a form of resistanceAnything is possible but you can’t give up before trying. Maybe I won’t be able to change the world as many will choose not to listenwho knows? However, I am certain that I will be able to change the lives of a few individuals and that’s all that matters. Helping them to navigate through knowledge and reflect upon new information will create an opportunity To Learn, To Seek and To Progress.  

I agree that there is more valuable knowledge out there in terms of our spiritual growth, our oneness, our energies, our souls, our chakras, densities and the esoteric universe. However, many are not ready for such knowledge because they have been conditioned to think that it’s nonsense. We must therefore break the systems’ trust and beliefs that have been imposed upon society. How are we meant to explore the beautiful aspects of our world if we are being monitored and suppressed like chickens in cages?

You must face the reality of what is currently happening, reclaim your power and take back your freedom. This document is a starting point to guide you onto a path, to start questioning everything you have been told, to become prepared for what is to come and make wiser decisions in lifeOnly then will you start accepting new ideas and finding your true paths and not the system’s.

I am simply passing on the knowledge that I have gathered, whether you believe it or not is your choiceYou will do what you will do, it is your free will, and no one can change that. We live in a Service to Self society where people suffer from a self centred perspective. We must progress, starting from within, with the soul, and detach ourselves from our egoistic self. There are many beautiful energetic aspects to our lives and the universe and we are yet to cultivate them to their true potential 

Knowledge is Power and it changes the frequency at which you resonate.                                 Wisdom is what we are in need of, not intelligence.


What Gods Do Our Spiritual and Political Leaders Really Worship?

Strange things happen when you try to break the curse on America, especially at the replica Roman Colosseum in a Kansas cornfield built by Gen. Slats Grobnik, leader of the curse breaking Second American Revolution. Listen while Greg highlights some of the more unusual events.



Editor’s Note: This Original CDCWHO Bible was found recently by researchers in the 1970s near where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. The Bible, according to the Apostles Ronald, George, Barrack, Donald and Dr. Anthony, was then taken to the Vatican Archives. This version, not made available to the public, was stolen recently by an undercover agent of Gen. Slats Grobnik’s Second American Revolution. We reprint a very tiny portion from the First Book of Genitals, their version of Genesis, which pertains to the recent Covid 19 lock down and Marxist takeover of America.

Chapter One, Verse 1 through 8

, According to the Apostle Dr. Anthony

  1. In the beginning, there was perfection, perfect health, no illness or disease. 
  2. Men and Women frolicked, played, worked and had a jolly good time. They ate fresh food and drank crystal clear water.
  3. The animals and plants were happy and feared no man or woman who all lived side by side in harmony.
  4. “This cannot be tolerated. Our god wants chaos and suffering so the chosen people, the 1 percent, can devour, rape pillage, kill and cut off the genitals of the useless eaters,” said the Apostle Anthony, placing a curse on goodness and summoning every evil creature from the dark places beneath the earth.
  5. The demons being summoned, the earth stood silent for 3,333 years until one day when the newly formed CDC and WHO, together with all the Rulers of Evil worldwide and the merry band of White House sorcerers, locked down the world with their evil spell. 
  6. The people from all countries stayed at home like rats in a cage locked in their homes, businesses closed and the world looked like a ghost town.
  7. The Rulers of Evil foisted a fake pandemic on the world and the people believed.
  8. The Rulers of Evil told them to cover their faces and wear masks and the whole world believed…

We will stop here as the rest of the CDCWHO Bible gets more horrific and gross, telling how the masses were killed, the animals slaughtered and the ground reddened with the blood of 90 percent of the earth’s inhabitants. Not pretty.

So now according to their evil Book of Genitals we are at the mask stage of this whole fake crisis. Why not put an end to this here and now before it gets out of hand. From the beginning, we told you the whole thing was a big fraud and masks were only the occult sign that they have the whole world keeping their mouths shut from telling the truth of the upcoming one world order one world religion.

Here is a bunch info collected by Aim Truth Bits to help you finally take of your masks for good. Also go back to many of our articles here in at The Investigative Journal in order to help you get at what is really going on.

Print Your Own Face Mask Exempt Card

AIM Truth Bits

BONUS from AIM Patriot Kearney who made these hi-res images for us. Scale to size once you download the file, then print and use as you wish. We recommend that you laminate them so they look “official”. Or print them on shiny photo paper for a finished look.

Wear them from a lanyard so that folks with mask fear can see how easy it is to be face-naked. Make a few for friends. Pass around the networks and let’s help folks get over their mass hysteria.

Purchase laminating pouches or sheets at your office supply store to laminate your badge. You can also purchase lanyards there. Or slip the card into a name badge sleeve that hangs from a lanyard – you might have one lying around from the last conference you attended that required name badges.

Let’s help folks overcome their mask fear. If someone asks you about the badge, give them a slip of paper with pre-printed instructions on how to make their own.  Here’s what you can say.

Make your own FACE MASK EXEMPT card, following these easy instructions:

We made a sheet of these that you can print and cut. Leave them in places where others might find the information useful. Make your own FACE MASK EXEMPT card

face mask pass vertical 2

face mask card horizontal 1

We are fighting an information war. Guns are not needed, but big bold statements are.

Please share these DIY face mask exempt badges in your network. The globalshits use masks to fill public spaces with fear and take away the human smile. By wearing the badge, we are sending message of love and hope with our smiling human face and by our peaceful resistance to the first step towards genocide.

FACE MASK EXEMPT badges say NO to global tyranny.

Optional: You can place this image (below) on the back of the badge in case you need to explain things to a fellow patriot.

mask mark 666

face mask genocide

mask to genocide

genocide chart


Antifa 4th of July Threats Answered By Florida Sheriff

Editor’s Note: Clay County Sheriff Issues Stern Warning to Antifa and BLM who have threatened violence. Where do the all the Sheriffs in Democratic Counties Stand? Are they going to protect lawful citizens or domestic terrorists? We have watched for months while leaders in both communist parties, (R) and (D) alike, allow violence to reign. More Sheriffs like the one below need to do what he is doing before it is too late. This was sent to us by Gateway Pundit 

Black Florida Sheriff “I’ll Deputize Gun Owners To Stop Godless BLM MOB”

By Jacob Engels
Gateway Pundit

Darryl Daniels, an African-American Sheriff of Clay County in North Florida has a stern message for what he calls “godless disruptors” who have destroyed towns across America and murdered law enforcement officers during “peaceful” Black Lives Matter and Antifa domestic terrorist gatherings.

Clay County is a suburb right outside of Jacksonville, where the RNC will be held next month, capped off by a much anticipated speech by President Trump as he officially accepts the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He announced that violence and destruction will not be allowed in his county and that if the police are overwhelmed by brutish BLM and Antifa thugs, he will have no choice but to make the gun owners of Clay County “special deputies” in order to quell domestic terrorist and insurrectionist activity.

The BLM / Antifa mob have promised to bus in thousands of domestic terrorists to harass, intimidate, and potentially murder Trump supporters or members of the conservative media. It is great to see a law enforcement leader make such a statement and place the trust in law abiding gun owners to restore order. Daniels ended the video by stating that if they try him, he will give them the fame and attention that they want… which will include the pain that will befall them for resisting arrest and turning his county into a warzone.

Judson Sapp, a congressional candidate in Florida’s 3rd district which includes Clay County, told TGP the following.

“I live here in Clay County. Our conservative area will not tolerate these rioters.  Times like these highlight why the Second Amendment is so very important. The right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and rioters will not threaten us!”

Free Again Once Vatican/Jesuit Curse Broken

Note: This Show was originally taken down  by You Tube, saying violated community standards. I guess talking about the Jesuits is a no no!! There is an audio link included of the live broadcast in case you tube takes it down again as I re-posted on my channel as it was originally taken down on the First Amendment radio channel.

Fascism, riots, burning, vandalizing, police stand downs ordered are the new normal we are told. However, the only way to solve the problem is to follow Gen. Slats Grobnik’s Second American Revolution where breaking the Jesuit curse is the first order of business. Furthermore, this revolution is not under orders or controlled by the supreme Jesuit command and not funded by their Jesuit shills like George Soros and others.