Elections 2016 The Greatest Off Broadway Stage Play Part X 8-29-16

Greg continues with the 2016 Elections.

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Attorney Jonathan Levy talks about Vatican Scandals and lawsuits 8-25-16

Greg and Jonathan Levy talk about the Vatican Scandals and the lawsuits.

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Twenty-two Dead In San San Antonio And 10 in San Lucas, Guatemala

Twenty-two Dead In San San Antonio And 10 in San Lucas, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan region still digging out from Agatha mudslides

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 11, 2010

Exclusive eyewitness reports to Save Lake Atitlan Mission reveal the death and destruction in the Lake Atitlan region much worse than originally reported.

Help is needed immediately as this report from Bill Muirhead, who lives in the Lake Atitlan region, demonstrates:

“I want to be on your radio show as soon as we can arrange it.,” said Muirhead who wants to get the word out financial help is needed immediatly. Donations can be sent by going to www.savelakeatitlan.com

“I was in Santa Catarina (3 dead), San Antonio (22, I think, dead), and San Lucas (10 dead) the day following the disaster. I went to Pampojila, where I saw two bodies dug up, to Colonia la Esperanza, where six were interred, and to all of the affected colonias of San Lucas.

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Donate Now: Help People From Panajachel Guatemala

Donate Now: Help People From Panajachel Guatemala

Exclusive photos below show the recovery and damage

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 9, 2010

Ten days after Tropical Storm Agatha ripped through Panajachel, Guatemala,  people are still picking up the pieces of torn down houses and ripped apart roadways from heavy rain and torrential flooding.

Although there were literally hundreds of villages and towns effected by Agatha with more than 160 reported dead and thousands injured, residents from the town of Panajachel on the shores of Lake Atitlan have specifically asked Save Lake Atitlan Mission to spread the word and help raise money in the States. Continue reading

Despite Threats To Her Life, Eloyda Mejía Raises Awareness About Industrial Mining At Lake Isabal

Despite Threats To Her Life, Eloyda Mejía Raises Awareness About Industrial Mining At Lake Isabal

Lake Isabal and Atitlan in Guatemala have much in common: pollution and poverty have no end in sight!

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 8, 2010

Not too far down the road going east from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is an indigenous Mayan population centered around Lake Isabal.

Isabal is one of the larger lakes in Central America and for centuries acted as a main hub for fishing and agricultural.

However, like Lake Atitlan, the lake is extremely polluted, resulting in extreme poverty for the indigenous people.

The problems at both lakes have the same result — poverty and pollution — but the cause are a bit different.

At Lake Atitlan, where over 200,000 indigenous people rely on it for survival, the the 30,000 acre volcanic crater lake was engulfed recently by a green toxic algae cyanobacteria scum, making the water undrinkable.

Harmful effects of raw sewage and toxic fertilizer, unchecked for decades, have been two of the main causes of over-pollution.

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Urgent Financial Help Needed In Guatemala: State Of Emergency Declared

Urgent Financial Help Needed In Guatemala: State Of Emergency Declared

Volcano eruption and tropical storm reek havoc throughout Central America

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 1, 2010

Immediate help is needed in Guatemala after a volcano near Guatemala City erupted and Tropical Storm Agatha ripped through the country simultaneously.

Officials report more than 110,000 Guatemalens have been evacuated due to the Pacaya Volcano eruption Thursday and the tropical storm that followed on Friday.

Three deaths and 65 injuries were directly related to the volcano, including the death of a CNN Guatemalen television correspondent.

Dwight Poage, founder of Mayan Familes Relief Group in Lake Atitlan, said: “Mayan Families has had to evacuate our location and move to another safe place here in Panajachel.

“We lost an exterior bathroom and bedroom to the river. The river went wild! Our house and the Mayan Families offices are still standing. We were just a few feet away from a raging wild river, the Rio San Francisco.

“All of the Guatemalan highlands are hurting! Numerous people lost everything! We are up and running and we have been out today giving out clothing, food, supplies and donations! Any help is greatly needed right now.”

Juan Skinner, a top Guatemalen environmentalist from the Lake Atitlan region, said:

“Just made it from El Salvador, where the storm also hit quite hard. Tomorrow I will try to get back to the lake. I hope the roads are being cleared from landslides. We are getting a disaster every five years. That is way too much way. More tomorrow if I make it.”

Skinner’s message was sent two days ago and he has not checked in, indicating the roads between Antigua and Lake Atitlan may be impassable.
Skinner added urgent disaster relief is again needed in Guatemala, a statement he makes far too often for his liking.

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Dangerous Conditions Cause FogQuest To Leave Lake Atitlan

Dangerous Conditions Cause FogQuest To Leave Lake Atitlan

Workers claim unsafe to continue collecting fogwater

By Greg Szymanski, JD
May 29, 2010

With fresh water undrinkable at Lake Atitlan from pollution and thousands of impoverished Mayans forced to drink it, the following story from an organization called FogQuest comes as quite a surprise.

FogQuest is a Canadian humanitarian organization dedicated to planning and implementing water projects for rural communities in developing countries.


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