Wars and the Jesuits

 Countless are the wars arranged for the resurrection of the Jesuit Holy Roman Empire. For Isis for Horus and for set, the trinity. For the greater glory of the Jesuit Vatican and the Jesuit General the Black Pope the true ruler of the world.


Left Wing No Border Americans Should Love the Jesuits

 Now you misinformed Lefties give your mentor Jesuits some Love, as previous Jesuit General Tamburini once said, “See sir, from this chamber I govern not only Paris but China, not only China but the whole of the world, without anyone knowing how I do it.” 


White Male Genocide; Confusion About Medical Marijuana

Greg looks at the White male genocide in South Africa and is it coming to the USA. He also looks at the state of medical marijuana in the US and Mexico.


Satan’s Den: The Vatican and World Governments Exposed

Greg looks at the truth behind the Vatican led NWO through the lens of an old 2007 interview with Pastor Tony Alamo who died in prison about seven months ago. He was convicted on false charges and persecuted right to the very end by the Vatican led NWO, as described on this show for well over a decade.

Tony Alamo Remembered

 Greg interviews Bert Krantz of The Alamo Ministry

Criminal History of the Popes

 Greg looks at the rivers of blood and sordid history of the Papacy and how historians have covered up the truth.

Does the Pope and Trump Carry “the Oath of Cain”

Greg looks into the origins of evil and why God Protects The Rulers of Evil