Greg’s 11-11-11 Broadcast

In the first hour, Kevin Annett joins Greg to udate the story about the genocide of Native Canadian and American children.

In the second hour, Greg discusses the Penn State child abuse case, Occupy Wall Street movement, the governent stance on conspiracy theorists and a tribute to those who paid the ultimate price on Veterans’ Day.

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Sept. 30 2011 Investigative Journal Broadcast

Who Is Eric Phelps, Author of Vatican Assassins?

In the first hour, Greg deals with accusations made against author Eric Phelps as well as his own critics.

In the second hour, listen to John Daniels, author of The Grand Design Exposed.

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Pentagon Considering Senior Citizen Army

April 6 2011 Investigative Journal

Greg let the cat out of the bag today, announcing senior citizens will get a chance to fight in Iraq and Libya.

The Pentagon is seriously considering Greg’s idea to allow seniors 55 and over to join the military in the Senior Citizens Army, Navy and Marines. Listen to today’s show for the details. Continue reading

Toronto Slut Walk

Toronto “SlutWalk” captures news headlines and US Politicians on Vatican payroll are some of the issues discussed on today’s Investigative Journal. Click on the subscribe button to the right and listen to the hour show. Continue reading

Obama To Raise $1 Billion for Presidency Run

April 4 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Don’t miss Greg’s show today. His one hour monologe will give you a few laughs and some hope in what looks like to many a hopeless world.

Obama said today his campaign for the 2012 Presidency needs to raise $1 billion dollars to compete with the $2 billion Republicans are going to raise. Listen to Greg’s comments on this issue and much more. Continue reading

Mar 29 2011 Investigative Journal: The Ecumenical Movement Is Unity In Error

Today’s radio show concentrates on the Ecumenical Movement and why unity in error under Vatican leadership is dangerous to the American people. Those of you who have no religious concerns or beliefs may fall into the category of New Agers. This movement, I might add, also has been started by the Vatican.
The beginnings of the New Age Movement can be traced to a Jesuit priest named Pierre DeChardin, who might as well be called the Father of the United Nations. Deceased, his writings form the basis of the New Age Movement and one of his ardent followers is our Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton.
Tom Friess is my guest today, who has studied the false teachings of the Ecumenical Movement in depth. Continue reading

Mar 28 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Ken Bear Chief, the Native American investigator for the Tamaki Law firm, spoke on Greg’s show today for the entire hour. This is a show you shouldn’t miss as he documents the backround information on why the Jesuit Order paid out $166 million to Native American victims of child abuse at Mission schools, set up by the Jesuits with U.S. government complicity and funding.

At times, the interview is quite graphic, explaining how children were raped and sodomized. Ken even has eye witness sworn testimony that former Cardinal Spellman of New York particiapted in the child abuse at a Montana Mission School.

Spellman, as is every NY Cardinal or Archbishop, was the official Chaplan of the U.S. Armed Forces. Those who knew Spellman and his connection to Washington called him the most influential and powerful man in America. This is the reason commentators still refer to the Vietnam War as “Spellie’s War”.

Here is the Ken Bear Chief interview regarding the $166 million settlement, the largest pay out by the Jesuits in American history. Continue reading

Mar 25 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Greg discussed the journalism professionv on today’s show, teaching a class called Citizen Jurnalism. With the internet replacing traditional newspapers and television, people are barraged with information causing a modern day syndrome or disease termed Information Overload. This overload leaves a person feeling helpless and confused, unable to piiece out the important facts and thus unable to get the heart or truth of what they are reading.
Hopefully this one hour show will give you some of the basic journalistic tools to put you on a path towards peace and tranquility in a world filled with deceptive and deceitful information peddlers. 

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Mar 22 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Don’t miss Greg’s guest today, fired Canadian pastor Kevin Annett, who uncovered the genocide of Native Candians at mission schools set up by the Vatican and United Church of Canada with complicity of the Canadian and U.S. government. 
Kevin’s road has been a hard one, filled with pain, suffering and death threats.
It’s been six months since Greg has talked with Kevin so tune in to todays show. Click the read more button, subscribe and then listen to all of Greg’s past and upcoming shows. Continue reading

March 21, 2011, Investigative Journal Radio Show

Today was Greg’s first show, back after a six month hiatus. His guest was documentarian and film maker, Chris Pinto. If you want to know the hidden agenda of the founding fathers, who were in sync with the Vatican way back then, this show is a good start to re-learning what you were told in our school systems about the founding of our country. The founding fathers were no more christians than George Bush, all saying they were but all using Christianity as a front for their Illuminati plans for a New World Order.
Patrick Henry knew the truth when he said “I smell a rat”, referring to the closed door signing of the Constitution and the men behind those closed doors, including influential Catholic Charles Carrol who is rarely mentioned.
 The information on this show is revealing, concerning Washington’s Jesuit and Vatican ties. To listen to the radio show buy a subscription after clicking on the read more button right here. Continue reading