A Concordat With the Vatican Is Like Dancing With the Devil

A Concordat With the Vatican Is Like Dancing With the Devil

Vatican eyes political control and favors in one world government and one world religion quest

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 27, 2010

Entering into a concordat with the Vatican makes as much sense as dancing barefoot with the devil on a hot bed of coals.

Most Americans have no idea what a Vatican Concordat entails, but if the truth be known it is like signing your own death warrant.

Right now the Vatican and U.S. have established diplomatic relations for appearance sake, but it might as well be a full-blown concordat.

What is a concordat?

“A concordat is a pact between the Vatican and a nation-state whereby the Vatican gains certain political and financial benefits in return for support of a policy or arm of the national government. Such a concordat in a nation with numerous Catholics is also helpful in getting their allegiance or in curbing opposition to the government.” — Prof. John M. Swomley, St. Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri Continue reading

Virgin Mary Land Tour CompanyOpening Soon For Business

Virgin Mary Land Tour Co. Opening For Business Soon

The truth behind Washington D.C. and Rome soon to be revealed to millions of tourists

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 12, 2009

The last we heard from freedom fighter, Slats Grobnik, he was busy building a replica of the Roman Coliseum in a Kansas corn field.

“I am happy to announce the project is completed and now all we need are the gladiators,” said Grobnik from an undisclosed location. “I plan to turn the tables on the Vatican controlled New World Order, using these rulers of evil as the real live gladiators, not the common people.”

For those wanting to take a tour of the replica Coliseum, built to hold 150,000 people, Grobnik said he will announce the grand opening in conjunction with a new tour travel agency and tour company he is starting, called “Welcome to Virgin Mary Land Tours”. Continue reading

How the Vatican ‘Legally’ Gets Away With Child Abuse

How the Vatican ‘Legally’ Gets Away With Child Abuse

Why Washington D.C. should be renamed ‘Virgin Mary Land’

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 3, 2009

This three-part series of articles by Australian researcher Frank O’Collins starts today by asking the blunt question:

How can the Vatican continue to “legally” get away with child abuse?

His answer lies deep within the Western legal system, a system carved out by the Vatican centuries ago which conveniently places the Holy See above the law.

The second part of his series which will appear tomorrow focuses in on why Washington D.C. should be renamed “Virgin Mary Land” and why it is nothing more than Lucifer’s very special playground.

In the last article, appearing Thursday, O’Collins will tell us how the Vatican and Jesuits manufactured Shakespeare and how they used his writings to advance the legal system we live under today.

But now O’Collins tells us how the Vatican can legally get away with child abuse all over the world. Here is what he has to say: Continue reading

March 25, 2009 BroadcastGuest Frank O’Collins

Frank O’Collins, author of The Almanac of Evil, spoke with Greg on Wednesday  to address nine blatant  facts, which shed important light on the Vatican’s lead role in pushing for a one world government and one world religion.

Here is what O’Collins had to say during the show’s introduction about whether the Vatican is a good or evil organization:

Whenever any discussion begins on alleged acts of evil by the Roman Cult, commonly known as the Vatican many people tune out, or simply refuse to listen.

That is because still for many people in the world, the clear evidence on whether the Vatican is a force for good or evil is yet to be proven. Listen to the following: Continue reading

March 24, 2009 BroadcastGuest Darryl Eberhart

Darryl Eberhart was Greg’s guest today. Greg and Darryl discussed how U.S. Roman Catholics and Christians are illiterate concerning the Word of God in the Bible. Darryl, a student of the Bible and hidden history,  is a frequent guest on Greg’s show. His writings can be found at http://www.toughtopics.org Continue reading

March 23, 2009 BroadcastGuest Frank O’Collins

Frank O’Collins, author of The Almanac of Evil, was Greg’s Monday Guest. O’Collins, a frequent visitor to The Investigative Journal, show how Fr. Edmund Walsh, SJ, helped mastermind and orchestrate World War II by pulling the puppet strings of Stalin, FDR, Eisenhower and Hitler. The first half hour of the interview had techinical difficulties so go to the second half. Frank will be back March 25, 2009 to resume his very important interview. Continue reading