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Greg is first and foremost a satirist, a writer and a reporter. Greg worked as a print newspaper reporter in the mainstream media, as well as spending six years in Rome, Italy, seeing the evil intrigue of the Vatican firsthand.He is also reviving his stand-up comedy show. A SAG actor as well, Greg, in years gone by, appeared in bit parts in several sitcoms and less than successful movies.

“My stage name is Greg Anthony and they think I’m Italian. Why? I want to be fair with other comics. I just don’t want to get too many laughs just because I am Polish.!”

He’s been at it  a long time, since the early 80’s, with little worldly success. A long the way he went to law school for what he terms “the fun of learning more nonsense  in a world filled with a lot more.”

He puts the JD behind his name but has recently added JA, standing for Jack Ass, in recognition of all the lies he has unknowingly written about and believed in his life.

Undaunted, he vows to continue observing even more and bigger lies since deciding to tackle the religious world.

“I am sure the Vatican will glorify me with Sainthood for all the research I’ve done on their behalf.”

The Investigative Journal Radio Show is produced by Greg and  is broadcast on First Amendment Radio as well as on YOU TUBE. The show previously ran for 11 years on other stations.

During Greg’s tenure as a real live journalist working for the lying mainstream media, he worked in Rome for 6 years, experiencing Vatican intrigue first hand. He was nearly killed in a terrorist attack, see link. http://www.upi.com/Archives/1982/05/26/Bomb-explodes-at-American-owned-Rome-newspaper/5904391233600/

“It was a close call,” said Greg, looking back on the incident. “I was in the hallway just seconds before the explosion which ripped the hallway to pieces. Luckily, I was going down the stairs to the news room when it went off.”

Greg said this near death experience changed his life, leading him on a quest to find out the evil roots of terrorism as well as CIA and Vatican/Jesuit involvement.

“That explosion, one of many during those years in Rome, had to be an inside job, said Greg.

Join Greg  at 6pm Monday through Friday at firstamendmentradio.net or get all the archive shows here or look him up on YOU TUBE.

9 thoughts on “About Greg

  1. help me find Greg’s podcasts.

    Look at the top left side menu for “Raw Audio” the mp3’s are archived there, download and listen ‘right click’-‘save as’.


  2. Greg has archives are linked up above in “Audio Archives” Link

    He can be heard live on the internet weekdays on First Amendment Radio

    To listen from winamp or mediaplayer, search shoutcast “FirstAmendmentRadio” or “LibertyRadioLive” (careful, it’s easy to confuse that with other unrelated radio stations/programs with “Liberty” in their names.)



    I tried clicking on the little headphone symbol under the archives for G.S. show and I got the message “A username and password are being requested by wwwdotfarcomThe site says: “First Amendment Rights Media Group Archives”‘?”

    How do I get past this error?


  4. Hello Greg,

    I agree the papacy is the seat of the antichrist.

    As to Fritz Springmeir in one of his lectures I watched on YouTube he uses a projector and he put up a drawing of three men. The one in the center was naked, the one to the right was standing sideways naked and the one on the left was naked from the backside with a towel behind his back as if drying off. The graph had nothing to do with what he was talking about and he left it on the projector for an inordinate amount of time, very strange. As to Cisco, she strikes me as still a multiple personality programmed to strike fear in Christians that some or most churches have been taken over by satanists. Abortion is not a blood sacrifice to satan. It is simply murder. That she loses her train of thought seems to me an error in her programming. Whether she truly is born again I question. Christians at the time of the Apostle Paul were at first wary whether Paul was truly converted due to his previous acts of throwing Christians in jail.

    As to Lindsey Williams I listened to his recent dvd. One would think a minister would have a little more pity for the common man influenced by what he calls illuminati controlled Hollywood. Williams likens the common man’s fornication as behaving like animals in heat. But when mentioning his elite crowd’s partying and carousing, he is much more gracious to them. In the Old Testament God says I will break your magic wrist bands that you have used to ensnare My People, God showing mercy to His People. Even mercy for Sodom and Gomorrah where Jesus says to one of the towns where he preached that if the miracles performed in that town had been performed at Sodom and Gomorrah the people of S&G would have repented.

    All in God’s time. If it is not time, the powers will be broken and scattered until such time as God permits the kings to give their power to the Beast. At some point God says he will have pity on no one and put them all in the hands of their leaders. I most appreciate your broadcasting the truth about the Whore of The Book of Revelation.

    Greg, I learned about the phenomenon of reverse speech, words and sentences sometimes heard in reverse speech, got a tape recorder from David Oates and recorded politicians, Bernanke and other leaders. In the spring of 2007 I heard Bernanke say in rs “if the economy is still alive”. Henry Paulson: “don’t say that, don’t say that lying orders”. Obama during his joint press conference with Medvedev “He will seal his house up” (later US withdrew plans to set up missiles in Georgia); John McCain: “US bankrupt”; George Bush Jr “the terrorist will meet them. I am going to bring on the attack”. Another instance: “there will be war we shall worship”. I do think Israel’s push into Gaza the last days of the Bush presidency was a trap for Israeli leaders to blackmail them regarding or actually bring war crimes indictments against Israel. I do think Israel and Bush were duped into thinking the push into Gaza would be followed up by a terrorist attack on America and Bush remaining in power through declaration of martial. Pat Robertson “it will go down real violent, you will lose your lot and this building and the world will then issue Armageddon and World War”. In forward speech Robertson was talking about the US Dollar and inflation. Robertson I know is a damnable heretic teaching dominion theology.

    As to the pope’s self-flagellation, in the Old Testament there is the incident where God’s prophet and the followers of Baal were challenged whose God is real. The worshipers of Baal cut and gashed themselves while God’s prophet prayed. Pope John Paul II was in reality a worshiper of Baal.

    With much admiration–Terry.

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  5. Dear Greg,
    I’m a long time listener …
    i would appreciate it if you could have MP3’s and Youtubes on your website.
    I copy your program monthly and listen on CD’s in my car on my way to work.
    Thank you,


  6. Greg ? Syz. I am a Protestant living in SW Pennsylvania. And married and now divorcing a Catholic. I know, but what r your thoughts on the latest mess in Pittsburgh?


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