The Greg Anthony Radio Show

The following 7 shows ran on and are quite interesting. They talk about how creation, God’s fingerprints, His words as written and our history have been corrupted by the satanic cabal in charge of world affairs today. If you are looking for my show today, you will hear a strange voice which is not mine. The 8th show which was to run today was not allowed to be aired by station management as it was said that video content was of poor audible quality and the flat earth content distorted the word of God and was contrary to the station’s mission. In the future, I will put up the videos and put on my own podcast dealing with this subject. As for First Amendment, I will think of other things to say as I do not think what they did was blatant censorship but merely poor judgment. Also, thanks for at least running the first 7 shows.

These are the January 4th through 11th 2022 shows in order. Give a listen and you decide. Regarding the audio quality: First the narrator has a deep tone and I usually play the videos through my computer. But since my computer has been overheating when playing videos I had to put my phone next to my mic. Getting a new computer next week,. Sorry for the poor quality but the words can be understood.

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