Alternative Media In Jesuit Tank Like MSM

By Greg Anthony

Now, I don’t want to burst your bubble.

But it isn’t a bombshell by a long shot that Dr. Dracula Fauci, is going to to testify again before Congress.

 It’s a big show, one hell of a theatre extravaganza not even based on reality.

Johnny Carson, oh, Ed McMahon, Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason all have nothing on the Big Show in Congress.

It’s good theater.

Of course, enjoy the show but nobody’s going to jail except innocent nobody’s like you and me.

Fauci, Crime Boss, above, and all his merry men are untouchable
The first day I heard of the Covid Scam I called him Dracula
The lying media including FOX commentators can’t fool these guys

The mainstream media is in the tank, acting like obedient film critics paid by the Jesuit film producers.

The  alternative media, paid well by the same producers, is chasing you down so many rabbit holes Bugs Bunny would be proud.

So what’s left?

A few truth-tellers on all the new social media platforms

A bunch of doctors and lawyers following lawsuits that will go down the discovery black hole and maybe if they’re lucky, it’ll take twenty years with the case finally dismissed by the black robes over technicalities like no standing to sue.

Of course the winners will say Covfefe was an emergency, which it is not. And in the meantime, millions will die and the great reset will get here one way or the other.


They’ll either needle you to death, take away your food, take away every damn thing you have and, if that doesn’t work, they’ll just blow the living shit out of all of us.

 Of course, the big shots will find a few underground bunkers and then the history books will say is that the people destroyed the Earth, adding only the Good survived.

In the meantime, most thinking people right now are scattered like flies in cyberspace, going to the alternative media to get their news.

 I’ve been in this alternative racket ever since it started and. let me tell you, it is just as crooked as the mainstream.

Yesterday, I noticed this article written back around 2010 or 2012 highlighting this very problem.

I debated reprinting it here but I said what the hell as it brought back fond memories about how I was duped into believing, until I woke up, how frauds like Alex Jones where not for real and also on the Jesuit payroll.

 I have talked to, been interviewed by or interviewed many of the people in the list.

 I give it to you so you know what you’re up against. It was written about 10 or 12 years ago but still has relevance.

Make up your own mind as some of the very people below are trying to steal it from you.




Disclaimer: I am not claiming that all of the people named here
are disinformation agents or gatekeeping for a certain organization or
order, i am just posting this up because it is highly suspect and
possible that many of the people named on this list are gatekeeping with
their information.In this age of information and awareness, the elite
are sending out more and more goons to misdirect and mislead the public
from the real truth (All Roads Lead To Rome) of who is at the head of
this ‘monolithic conspiracy’. It can be left up to the reader to decide
for themselves who is being honest with their NWO related research and
who is holding us back with misinformation & misdirection.

 9/11: Masonic Media Agents


Alternative media reporters

Detection characteristics:

  • No significant (or truthful) information about the Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic connections to history.
    • Many of them do promote the “evil-Zionists-are-the-real-enemy” hegelian deception in more or less subtle ways. Note their frequent use of the words “Zionism” (an obfuscation for masonic Judaism), “The Rothschild’s” (who are Knights of Malta
      controlled by the Vatican!), “The Illuminati”, “The Elite”, and “The
      Bankers” (the top-bankers are also Knights of Malta). Some of the less
      sophisticated disinfo agents simply keep repeating: “Its the Jews! It
      the dirty Jews!”. None of them will explain and elaborate on the Roman
      (Catholic) pogroms and later genocides.
  • They partner with and/or promote other disinfo agents
    and frequently criticize other researchers, without specific details
    such as: personal names, sources, links, in-depth counter-arguments.
  • These Jesuit-Masonic temporal coadjutors are the deception/distortion/distraction
    speakers with a hidden agenda. They are helpers of fascistic mafia
    networks, to ultimately be able to control the flow of information on
    all sides.
     Jesuit-Masonic coadjutors are puppets who may tell lots of truth to build a confidence level (“rapport“) among the audience. However they
    don’t expose all the known truths and are afraid of anyone else
    confronting them about this – they will avoid any real debate!
    ignore their work or, when needed, scrutinize it very carefully and
    confront them of-guard with respectful, clear and factual points for
    discussion. Let them expose themselves, so others can see their
    ignorance, fear and dishonesty for themselves.

They tend to polarize ‘discussions’ towards just two (flawed) viewpoints,
while there are often several more viewpoints that could be taken into
account. The reason for this is that three or more viewpoints would
create more complex discussion dynamics, which would make the discussion
control much more difficult. By setting up a weak opposition and then
ridiculing it, it becomes easier to diminish the public effect of
messages coming from more truthful speakers. Watch some of these
controlled ‘alternative’ media reporters being interviewed, ‘debated’
and at times even theatrically ridiculed on the mass media networks
(television, radio, newspapers, MSM websites). This is the old Hegelian Dialectic game.

  • Personal
    traits to look for: mental and emotional instability, tense face,
    fearful/restless eyes, tiredness, overweight, cultural poverty,
    repetitive and simplistic reasoning, egoistic/messianic rambling,
    shouting/cursing, fear mongering.

Alex Jones

  • Jesuit temporal co-adjutor, government fear monger, the ultimate alternative-news gatekeeper!
    • He has consistently refused to discuss the Jesuit Order / Labor Zionist involvement in political history.
    • He is a very loud fear monger (police state, prison camps, new attacks coming soon).
  • Disney Corporation / ABC relations:
    • “ABC is owned by the Disney Corporation and GCN is an ABC affiliate playing on over 128 + ABC AM/FM Channels.” [14]
      • I’m not too concerned about the whole Bohemian Club ‘infiltration
        by Jones. I’m quite sure that was set up. Remember Alex Jones sold a
        video of a family he interviewed involved with Waco to 20/20 (ABC).
         (…) Let’s look at Monica C. Lozano a Walt Disney Co. board member. Her father is Ignacio E. Lozano, Jr. He was a Director of Bank of America, The Walt Disney Company,
        Pacific Life and Sempra Energy. He has also been a Publisher and Editor
        of La Opinion. He is a graduate and a member of the Board of Trustees
        of the University of Notre Dame. He is a notorious member of the Bohemian Club.
        Ignacio was also on the board of directors of Disney. He was directly


If you want to read all of it

Here is the link.


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