Such Stupidity On The Greg Anthony Radio Show

That is for you Dr. Dracula Fauci, SJ

By Greg Anthony, JD

Such stupidity.

I spent the pagan Easter weekend watching people with masks, playing with them, pulling them ever which way, up and down over their noses. Some people had the courage to pull them down so their nostrils would show, but quickly their eyes searched, wondering if they were in violation.

Such stupidity.

Then I looked and saw birds flying, dogs running, a few horses pulling handsome cabs, all breathing the good old fresh air.

It is a rather foolish task to figure out human beings.

They must hate fresh air.

Such stupidity.

Watching all this, I decided to poison myself. I can’t continue any longer.

So I stopped at the drive-in window at Carl’s Junior and ordered a couple Angus Burgers.

Why the hell not. I shared with my canine friend Santiago.

We survived.

“But no damn vaccinations, Santiago?”

He agreed, thank the Lord he is much smarter than most people who will line up like Polish Jews in Auschwitz.

We went back to the boat and took off sailing, a little night fishing excursion.

And thank God not one pelican, gull, sea lion, dolphin or mermaid was wearing a face bib.


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