Citizen Journalists Show Video Footage Covert-19 is a Massive Hoax, Psyops

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The Greg Anthony Show

FOX and CNN have lost their last ounce of credibility.
Covert-19 Sitcom ratings Slip: Jesuit Film director Fr. Luigi Franconi wants a crackdown on citizen journalists putting up videos showing there is no pandemonium, long lines or even testing going on at many hospitals as reported falsely by FOX, CNN,CBS, NBC and other propaganda outlets.
Franconi reportedly threatened to fire Mike Pompeo, the actor playing Sec. of State, for messing up his lines and saying Covert-19 was “a live exercise” Franconi then said they may have to shut the internet down for 72 hours to counter all the truth coming out about “no Pandemic”, destroying the Order’s Sitcom Realty show’s credibility and ratings.
 One of the cast members asked if the film director had such power to do that and he said: “Son, right here from this tunnel between Georgetown U. and the White House, we control the world without anybody knowing how we do it”!
“The truth about what is really going on has to be stopped before everybody realizes our Covid 19 reality show is a fake,” added Franconi, as he urged lead actor, Donald John Trump, playing the President, to strike more fear into the masses by maybe saying Americans will never be allowed to go out of their house again at least without NWO surveillance.  Go to to get the citizen journalist video Franconi is so upset about.

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