Covert 666: A Worldwide Ritual Blood Sacrifice to the Occult Gods

Covert 666: A Worldwide Ritual Blood Sacrifice to the Occult Gods
The Satanists and the worldwide Vatican/Jesuit led NWO are showing their true evil colors, creating their one world order as we speak with deadly consequences. Sadly, most people are falling for it.
“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” — J. Edgar Hoover ~The Elks Magazine, August 1956
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

WH Task Force: Covert 19 Plandemic Spread by Pigeon Poop!

WH Task Force: Covert 19 Plandemic Spread by Pigeon Poop!
They know people will believe anything and the latest nonsensical tidbit about the pigeons is just another example of how the CDC and White House lies spread all the way around the world before the truth of a Covid hoax from the beginning has not even had a chance to put on its shoes.
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Covert 19 Insanity: Too Dangerous to Scuba Dive, Mother Arrested for Taking Kids to Play in Park

With 30 million Americans out of work, numbers rivaling the Great Depression, US “Experts” are already warning about the second wave of the Covert 19 Plandemic. Mainstream NY media also caught using mannequins as Covid 19 patients. Amidst all the madness, Greg tries to lift spirits with a touch of humor despite suffering from what he calls Covid hoof and mouth disease, a rare “virus” causing him to uncontrollably say anything and everything contrary to the Vatican/Jesuit/government Covid story believed by millions around the world. Not wishing any discomfort on anyone, Greg wishes you catch it too!

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A Walk Down Covid Crazy Street

Just an aside before we get to important things like finding toilet paper and food to eat, this is proof both Trump’s America First boys and girls and Clinton and Obama’s globalist merry band of satanist sun worshipers all play in the same playground. Remember how Jesuit Fr. Joseph Stalin mass murdered 30 million for the  Glory of the Pope – he broke the food supply lines and controlled the food. Maybe that is why in Vermont you are not allowed to buy seeds to grow your own.

It’s all in a nutshell called the Hegelian Dialectic and you all are falling for it! Sadly with deep regret, most Americans don’t even know what I am talking about, thinking I’m crazy!

However, after three years, these criminals are laughing it up and jet-setting around Washington and the world while we the people – we peasants – are locked away in our homes like prisoners of the Royals who want us off the streets. My advice just go outside and play like the Royals in Washington and Buckingham Palace. That can’t lock us all up and kills us, JUST YET!

No arrests

If what FOX News, Trump and AG Barr says is true, this would have been cleaned up. But it never will, as I said three years ago, because they all work together, working for their masters in Rome.

In an effort to get serious WHILE WE ARE WALING DOWN COVID CRAZY STREET, here is the best advice about how to handle the lock down, a synopsis of what the experts are telling us

Gen, Slats Grobnik’s Second American Revolution, Part VI

Pursued by a drone and a  small doctor with a large needle, Greg escapes by the hair of his chinny, chin,  chin, making his way to the replica Roman Colosseum in a Kansas corn field and a meeting with Gen. Slats Grobnik, supreme allied commander of the Second American Revolution

By Greg Anthony

A large drone with an ambulance siren screaming hovered over the rooftop. A life line was lowered with a small man about 13 inches tall hanging on the end of it.

It looked like he was holding a long syringe and a thermometer to take my temperature. But I couldn’t be sure.

The little man was hanging outside my window like a puppet on a string, looking like the Pillsbury dough boy, the one in all those TV commercials.

Dough Boy had MD embroidered in black on his white coat and he was definitely a small mechanical man, not a little mouse or something

“I am the Covid 19 doctor making a house call especially for you, Mr. Anthony. Now open the window, roll up your sleeve and let me give you this nice little shot.”

How’d they get him to talk, I was thinking.

“Aren’t you going to take my temperature first? I am as healthy as an Ox.”

“Doesn’t matter. No symptoms, no temperature. Everybody has the Covid 19. Now roll up your sleeve.”

He appeared angry, resting his little feet on the window sill. How could such a small robot carry such a big needle, I said to myself not wanting to hurt his feelings. He may have been looking for a heart like the Lion, Scarecrow or Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. I couldn’t remember which one.

“I have to go to the bathroom.”  I had to figure out something. They were not going to poison me now.

The Dough Boy nodded Okay, smiling with his hand outstretched just like in the commercials. He then went limp like they shut off his motor.

This was my only chance, my last chance to getaway.

How ingenuous to use a Pillsbury Dough Boy, I thought, walking through the house and noticing a double barrel shotgun hanging on the wall in the living room.

The farmer said this this was safe house. He was dead wrong.

This was my third night here in this guest house out by the utility shed in the farmer’s sprawling 1,000 acre dairy farm, not far the Kansas corn field where Gen Slats Grobnik of the Second American Revolution built his replica Roman Colosseum.

That was my destination after being abducted 12 days ago, flown from Mexico to Kansas on a cartel private jet, interrogated for fomenting revolution but finally escaping by the hair of my chinny, chin chin.

I gotta out of that hotel where I was held prisoner through the bathroom window after getting my three Mexican cartel abductors drunk on tequila.

And if you recall, I left the locked box they wanted me to give to Grobnik on the nightstand, knowing it was a time bomb or maybe a chemical biological agent that would kill us both. I knew it was something bad and didn’t want to take any chances.

So now  I was only miles from Gen. Grobnik and the Colosseum but they were hot on my tail, nabbed by a drone with a Pillsbury Dough Boy. This would be a most embarrassing way to die, worse than getting hit by a 300 pound pig falling from a rooftop.

Think fast. No time for second thoughts so I took the shotgun off the wall, loaded it with two 12 gauge cartridges  and walked back to the window.

The Dough Boy was still hanging there, limp. I hid the gun under the window.

“Okay, ready to get shot, I mean, I’m ready for the Covid 19 vaccination.”

The Dough Boy came to life like a magic man as soon as I said “vaccination”, like he was MK Ultra programmed or something.

“Will it hurt? Then will you leave, Doctor?” I said nervously touching the rifle beneath the window, getting it ready if needed.

I slowly opened the window  while he was readying the needle. He was quite good at it. Who needs human doctors anymore? I thought.

“Now roll down your sleeve It won’t hurt,”  the Dough Boy demanded.

I got real, real close to the window but, instead of rolling up my sleeve, I grabbed the rifle, pointed it straight and right between his little eyes.

“Don’t shoot, please don’t shoot,” he yelled, dropping the needle, thank God.

It is amazing what goes through one’s mind in matter of a split second even when pointing a loaded gun at a mechanical 13 inch robot.

I can’t hurt the Pillsbury Dough Boy, I thought as he looked look up and yelled to the drone “Pull up the rope, pull it up before he shoots”!

It happened so fast I really don’t have a clear recollection of what went down.

But, thinking back, how I cut the Dough Boy’s lifeline, him falling to the ground unhurt and, at  the same time, shooting down that stupid drone, is anybody’s guess but quite a miracle.

Before hightailing it out of there, I looked down to say  bye to the Dough Boy, who was smiling and looking peaceful lying on the grass just like in the TV commercials.

How could anybody not like the Pillsbury Dough Boy?

With that thought, I made my way running like a Greyhound to the dirt road. Peeking back, the farmer’s Golden Retriever was in hot pursuit, the drone dangling from his mouth, and me thinking, “Drop it, boy, drop it or you may get the Covid Virus”!

Editor’s Note: Catch Part VII of Gen. Slats Grobnik’s Second American Revolution as Greg looks for safe haven from the run in with the Dough Boy, drone and the Covid Gestapo out to kill him and destroy the replica Roman Colosseum, headquarters for the freedom fighters trying to rescue America from the enemy within, an enemy bent on turning the world into a one world order hellhole. Catch all Greg’s radio shows and stories at

Covert 19 Compared to Spark That Ignited French and American Revolution

Covert 19: Planned to create worldwide chaos.
The mainstream Atlantic Magazine has the gall to compare the world lock down over a cough and a cold to what might cause another French or American Revolution. The only problem never a mention of the Jesuits who concocted and fomented both those revolutions in the past and are doing the same thing in the present with this overblown Plandemic.
Also, Greg again is trying to help people through this insanity with a little humor and laughter.

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Rutherford Institute Warns Maryland Officials Not to ‘Weaponize’ COVID-19 Restrictions to Suppress First Amendment Rights of Protesters

ROCKVILLE, Md. — The Rutherford Institute is warning government officials not to weaponize the COVID-19 health crisis in order to justify carrying out surveillance on and retaliating against persons who exercise their First Amendment rights to publicly protest government misconduct in a manner consistent with “social distancing” guidelines.

The Institute issued its warning after officials reportedly threatened a Maryland family with up to a year in jail and a $5000 fine if they attempt to publicly assemble and protest the murder of 21-year-old Duncan Lemp, a software engineer and Second Amendment advocate, who was gunned down in his bedroom during an early morning, no-knock SWAT team raid on his house.

“Surveillance and retaliation—the tactics of police states—have no place in a society that protects the right to speak out against the government in the pursuit of justice,” said constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People. “While the country is dealing with a public health emergency, martial law has not been explicitly declared and the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution have not been suspended. As such, citizens remain free to exercise those rights, including the rights of assembly and speech.”

At 4:30 a.m. on March 12, 2020, a Montgomery County SWAT team executed a no-knock warrant at the residence of Duncan Lemp. The warrant, which was based on an anonymous tip, authorized the seizure of firearms that were alleged to be illegally possessed by Lemp, a software engineer and Second Amendment advocate. In the course of storming the residence, police shot and killed Lemp. Although a statement by county officials about the incident asserted that police announced themselves and fired their weapons after Lemp confronted them, Lemp’s girlfriend, who was with him at the time, refuted the claim, insisting that police did not announce themselves and that Lemp was shot while lying in bed. Because of these and other inconsistencies and omissions from the County’s account of the raid, Lemp’s family has demanded that the County produce evidence relating to the raid, such as the warrant application and police body-cam footage.  However, officials have not produced the requested materials and have refused to respond to press inquiries. Access to records relating to the warrant have also been blocked by a seal order and then by court closures resulting from the COVID-19 public health orders.

Because of their inability to obtain information about the shooting, Lemp’s family, friends and supporters planned to hold a public demonstration to protest police violence and the County’s lack of transparency. After monitoring the Lemp family’s social media and learning of their plans to protest the shooting, County officials reportedly warned Lemp’s family that any planned protest would violate the Governor’s “stay at home” orders and could result in imprisonment of up to one year and a $5000 fine. Pointing out that engaging in First Amendment activities in compliance with “social distancing” guidelines poses no greater risk to public health than other activities allowed under Gov. Hogan’s orders limiting gatherings, Rutherford Institute attorneys have warned County officials that their preemptive attempts to shut down the protest constitute an abuse of authority that imposes an unwarranted chill on the exercise of First Amendment rights.

The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties organization, educates the public about threats to their freedoms, provides legal assistance at no charge to individuals whose constitutional rights have been threatened or violated, and strives to make the government play by the rules of the Constitution.

The Rutherford Institute’s letter to Maryland officials cautioning them against weaponizing Covid-19 restrictions in order to squelch lawful dissent is available at


Covert 19 Gestapo Unit to Destroy Second American Revolution He

Covert 19 Gestapo Unit to Destroy Second American Revolution Headquarters
Follow all the action on The Investigative Journal telling how Greg escapes from his abductors, as the Covid 19 police are trying to hunt down and silence all dissenters of the upcoming One World Order. The plot thickens as a scheme to blow up Gen. Slats Grobnik’s replica Roman Colosseum is uncovered in order to stop the growing forces of the second American Revolution. Sounds like fiction but it’s  just as believable as the lock down orders and other nonsense coming from Washington about an invisible enemy responsible for a worldwide lock down of travel, commerce and industry.  Go to for more.

Gen. Slats Grobnik’s second American Revolution, Part V

Dead men tell no tales. Dead men don’t upset the apple cart. Dead men don’t contradict the Jesuits and dead men don’t question the mainstream Covid Virus story. 

By Greg Anthony

It was either now or never, thinking the only way out was through the bathroom window.

Gustavo, my trusty cartel body guard, was out like a light on the hotel sofa. He had too much tequila and the other two thugs holding me against my will were three sheets to the wind in the room next door.

Right after the Covid Boss, I called him the Decision Maker, gave me my marching orders last night, I knew it was curtains

He sounded reasonable but it didn’t matter. His body language told me I was a dead man.

Dead men tell no tales. Dead men don’t upset the apple cart. Dead men don’t contradict the Jesuits and dead men don’t question the mainstream Covid Virus story.

I did all those things in spades so the only thing left was to make a run for it while my drunken abductors were asleep at the wheel.

I looked at the locked box on the night stand. They gave it to me six days ago to give to Gen. Slats Grobnik of the Second American Revolution. My destination tomorrow was to go to the replica Roman Colosseum, give Grobnik the box, wait for instructions how to open it and then Sayonara Charlie!

I knew is it was a fancy bomb. Do they think I’m stupid? They think we’re all stupid, useless eaters and dumb as a door nail.

And maybe they are right?

Why would 30 trillion people lock themselves away without a peep when our owners snapped their fingers, telling us we can’t go outside and play because we might catch a cough and a cold?

Good question. No time now for answers..

I hopped on the toilet, took a roll of toilet paper just in case and flopped out the bathroom window.


Boy, did I run. I don’t think I ran that fast since my college football days when I played tailback for WIU.

I dodged three homeless people and two garbage cans in the alley, the football tucked in my arm just like I scored the winning touchdown my junior year against Central Michigan.

Damn, it was cold that day. But I would give anything to be back there.

I kept running, dodging, hopping over beer and whiskey bottles. Those were the days, back in the day playing football when America was free, rent was cheap and jobs were a dime a dozen.

Not any more, I thought, as I ran out of gas, winded.

I must have run for what seemed like an hour. Wichita was like a dead zone. No one on the streets save the homeless, military armored vehicles and a few drug dealers.

In fact, there were hundreds of homeless sleeping in cardboard boxes, makeshift tents and some just lying in gutters. I thought if the homeless can go out, why can’t we? They’re all snoring, don’t appear to be sick. What’s the big deal?

Out of breadth, I parked myself in an alleyway under a staircase to get my bearings.  I had to get to Grobnik while talking to myself I blurted out “the Colosseum, where the hell is it”?

“Got a smoke?”

The voice came from behind the dumpster across the alley. Then I saw a man with a Cub hat peep his head out.

“Did I hear you say Colosseum?” he said

I walked closer as he stretched his hand out for a smoke. I gave him the bottle of tequila I took from the hotel room instead.

Colosseum, yeah, I’m looking for it.”

“You came to the right place, buddy. I’ll take you there, don’t you worry.”

I thought the guy was playing me for a fool, looking for an easy mark to get my wallet and then scram.

But when he said “Gen. Slats Grobnik,” I changed my tune.

“I’m a member of his Second Revolutionary Army, 1st Brigade Infantry and out getting recruits by night like Paul Revere. Got thirty good homeless men ready to go. All they need is a meal. My name is Sergeant Maxmillion Bonafart, like Napoleon but with an F.”

“How’d you know Grobnik,” I asked.

“Everybody knows the loon, but he is not so loony now. He built that Colosseum from the ground up. It’s a big story around here, most people think it is a soccer stadium like Field of Dreams and can’t tell you how many times they wanted to put him in the loony bin. But now he’s a damned hero. He’s the General!”

“Can you take me to him? I swear I’m not the Covid Gestapo.  I could see he was looking sideways and thinking maybe I was a spy so I talked fast.

“The name is Anthony, Greg Anthony of the Investigative Journal, the Greatest Show on Earth. I’m on every day on First Amendment Radio and CRN National Radio on Friday nights.”

“Never heard of you. Wait one minute.”

He took out a cell phone and made a call.

“Okay, you’re good. One of my boys said he is getting a lot of good laughs from your Covert 19 commentary. I can take you Grobnik. Let’s go.”

We shared the bottle of tequila, making our way out of town. It was still dark as he we headed down a dirt road between the cornfields.

“This is where I let you go,” said Sergeant Max, adding we would see each other again on the battlefield. “You’re joining the Army, right? They have a senior’s brigade, don’t fret.”

“Yes, joining, of course,” thinking senior brigade my ass.

“Just go to the first farmhouse on the left and give the farmer this medallion. He will know what to do with you.”

Max handed me a gold medallion. It said Slats Second Revolution. Give this token to your local gun dealer and get a free double barrel and a couple boxes of buckshot.

Holding the medallion tightly, I looked at the safe house, thinking one step closer to the Colosseum or was it nothing but a trap?

Too tired to care one way or the other and all out of ideas, I knocked on the farm house door as the rooster crowed announcing my arrival.


Editor’s Note: Catch Part VI of Gen. Slats Grobnik’s Second American Revolution as Greg looks for safe haven from the Covid Gestapo out to kill him and destroy the replica Roman Colosseum, headquarters for the freedom fighters trying to rescue America from the enemy within bent on turning the world into a one world order hellhole. Catch all Greg’s radio shows and stories at

Covert 19 Lies, Distortions, False Testing, Empty Hospitals

Covert 19 Lies, Distortions, False Testing, Empty Hospitals
The truth is even from the horse’s mouth and Criminal Doctors Commission (CDC) recent death numbers, Covid is no different from flu deaths compiled yearly by the same organization. The lock down, financial disruption, stay at home orders, social distancing, push for forced vaccinations, travel restrictions and much more is all the work of the enemy that has been stalking America for the last 200 years. Is this the final death grip, making way for a one world government, one world religion?
In the 1st half hour, Greg offers a little laughter as the best medicine to cure the Covert 19 Blues. In the 2nd half hour he explains his run in with the “Covid Police” and the quest by freedom fighter Gen. Slats Grobnik to organize the 2nd American Revolution. Check out Greg’s website at



Tragedy Plus Time = Comedy and Covert 19 Lies on the Greg Anthony Talk Show

This show was broadcast Friday April 18, 2020 on Channel 3 CRN Digital Radio

Spend an hour with Greg while locked up and laugh a little about the Covert 19 Plandemic. Laughing is the best medicine for this invisible enemy we are all looking for in between and betwixt all the mainstream propaganda. “What a sate of affairs we got ourselves into, Ollie,” said Laurel to Hardy. So catch live every Friday night on at 7pm pac time and Monday through Friday at firstamendment at noon pac time. Also go to Greg’s website at and catch up on all the laughs, all the tears and all the truth about how America has been controlled by its owners and duped since at least 1776. Thanks to TH for the Covid 19 Lie Pix as we all need t work together against this invisible enemy. Hint: Could it be The Vatican/Jesuit led NWO…