Gadaffi Blew the Whistle on World Wide Bio-Terror and Things Like Covid-19 Years Ago Before Being Assassinated

Editor’s Note: Before he was assassinated, Gadaffi talked about worldwide bio-terror to be unleashed by the West. Most people will dismiss this short video as propaganda but looking at through the lens of what happened at Benghazi, maybe not. This short video and intro to it is compliments of Rose Colombo, host of the Colombo Chronicles.

THIS VIDEO of Gadaffi blowing the whistle revealing that leaders were creating a virus to spread worldwide and developing a vaccine as seen on video prior to his assassination under Obama-Holder HIllary Clinton’s regime. Gadaffi was on video and congratulated the “Kenyan” and appeared surprised BHO was elected POTUS. Gadaffi called Obama “my son” and “our son” and shortly thereafter was assassinated. He owned tons of gold and wanted his own money system, so what happened to all the gold? Even his teenage son and friends were reported to be having dinner at a restaurant and died. Obama ordered 220 Tomahawk Missiles fired off at Libya at a cost of about $600K each to the American taxpayers. Obama and Hillary destroyed homes. Women, men and kids were killed even though Libya never threatened the USA. I read that by the end of 2016, America would be down to zero Tomahawk missiles. Hillary said, “We went, we saw, he died.” How did Gadaffi know about the worldwide virus and vaccines being developed so long ago? — Rose Colombo 

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