Covert-19 “Plandemic” Madness: Ratings High, Hit Box Office TV Sitcom

Lead actor, Ringmaster Donald John Trump, and his merry band of scientific doctors led by one of the old Disney Mouseketeers, Dr.Fauci, are taking you on a fanciful journey into their fictional world of fascist, socialist control where the food counters of America are looking like Venezuela.  Some say it is reality TV at its best!
Tom Hanks showed his all american face and made a cameo appearance as a supposed quarantined Covert-19 victim. Nice to see Tom in good health and strutting the stage again.
Catch all the movie details here on Greg’s show. Don’t miss it as he always gives out a few tips on how to have some mischievous fun during this Marxist lock down. This show is sponsored by

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