The Current Covid-19 Scare Mongering and Marxist Lock Down in High Gea

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Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a German Pulmonologist  has independently looked at the published data about  COVID-19. He recently concluded that the current Corona Virus has not been clearly differentiated from other “versions.” Whether the COVID-19 virus is actually any more dangerous than similar viruses has not been clearly determined either. Current statistics actually appear to show that it is no more dangerous than other Corona Viruses (of which there are many variants) Dr. Wodarg reports that the COVID-19 test that has been disseminated to labs around the world is not as stringent/accurate as those made for similar viruses in the past (so it could be giving “false positives” in some cases.) The “pandemic” has been therefore created by manipulating politicians and statistics and the movement of patients within and between hospitals of ill people etc. 

Further, Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist and molecular biologist, says debunks the fat that these viruses exist because they cannot even be isolated. Greg will discuss this in length on his Tuesday show.

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