What a Wonderful World

In college, I lockered next to a guy, a black guy, named Gregory Outlaw. We played the same position, halfback. We became friends, he was from the Southside of Chi-town and me from the Northside. We both had a scholarship to play football at Western Illinois University in the 70s. I was Polish, he was African American. We got along well, friends.
I am not going to lecture on racism because in my heart, soul and mind for me it does not exist. The reason: knowing another is knowing yourself and we are all the same, human beings with one mind, body and soul.

By the way, the following song I do a pretty good rendition of because I always liked Louie for his music, not his color.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Jesuit Shill, talks on her “Catholic faith” in the American Jesuit Review

Greg looks at the Jesuit connection to OAC and the new Democratic Socialist Party and how the next revolution here may resemble what happened in France in 1789.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

There has been a lot of talk on mainstream news about the 50 year anniversary of the moon landing. Years ago, I interviewed Bart Sibrell, the documentarian who made the movie below.

Today I noticed FOX News made fun of him playing a clip where Buzz Aldrin punched him when asked if he really went to the moon.

So I thought to put his you tube up and watch it again.

Trump now is talking about going to the moon again and then to Mars. The only problem is that beyond a reasonable doubt we never went the first time. The second problem is there is beyond a reasonable doubt no outer space as we have been told by NASA and therefore no Mars.

The distance to the sun and the celestial bodies has been in some contention over the years. In Chapter 5 of Earth Not a Globe Samuel Birley Rowbotham computes the sun to be less than 700 miles above surface of the earth, and the stars contained within 1000 miles. Later researchers with the Universal Zetetic Society estimated the sun –and thus the moon too — to be at about 3000 miles above the surface of the earth, with the stars at about 100 miles above that.

Just food for thought and draw your own conclusions but base it on more than just what NASA tells you.

Rocket Hits Earth’s Dome or Firmament

The size and shape of the earth will always be in dispute. The question is what do you think and how do you draw your conclusions.

The only way to know what lies above is to travel high above the clouds, some where over the rainbow way up high.

The private rocket-builder did that. He has had only 600 views. Watch.

Jesuit Connection to Creation of Mormonism and Satanic Worshiping

A True Ott set the record straight on why he was excommunicated from the Mormon Church. He talks about its hidden historical roots to the Jesuits and Freemasonry through 3-way communications going on between the Jesuit General, Albert Pike, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.