Are You a 14th Amendment US Corp. Citizen Slave?

Greg again looks at how to break the chains and control of US corporate citizenship. This program shows how to become a sovereign state citizenship which was the way it was before the post Civil War 14th Amendment.


Become a Free Sovereign Man; Opt Out of Corp.Fed US Citizenship

Greg talked with Terry Lee on how to opt out of the corporate U.S. system and become a free man and not a slave. Terry’s program is perhaps the most concise and well thought way to take back your individual sovereignty through his systematic, court-tested method. All subscribers are asked to donate $5 this month to keep the show going.

Become a Sovereign Free Man, Not a US Corporate Slave

Years ago I interviewed Terry Lee about how to become a free sovereign. Here is the old interview on GCN if you are interested in doing just that. Also, on my show today I replayed another interview from RBN I did which will be put up on You Tube as well

Greg interviewed Terry Lee for two hours in 2006, explaining how to be a free man and not a slave to the U. S. of Corporate America. Lee outlines steps to become a sovereign citizen in what Greg thinks to be the best possible way to become a free man.

Leo Zagami Banished from Italy, Now In Southern California

Greg interviews Leo Zagami who explains why he had to leave Italy for exposing the Vatican/Jesuit led NWO.

Jesuit Mother Mary Medjugorje Vision hoax and How it Destroyed One Man’s Life

The Kronzer Foundation for Religious Research was founded in January of 2001 by Phillip J. Kronzer to help victims of religious fraud. Their goal is to help families get their loved ones out of cults, into psychological deprogramming, and back into their life. Kronzer tells Greg the details behind the infiltration of major religions by Satanic Cults and how it involves the Jesuits and Medjugorje.

Hell Fire Club and Ben Franklin;Satanic Worshiping in Vatican

Greg looks at occult satanic connections in members of the Hell Fire Club as well as satanic worshiping in the Vatican.. While Mass is being said in the Sistine Chapel and tourists are being shown the works of Michelangelo, deep within the bowels of the Vatican sits a large, circular room with 13 separate chambers, each leading to a distinct catacomb.
When a mummified body is placed in front of each doorway, a young child is then brutally sacrificed with a long, golden knife during what is said to be a secret induction ceremony for new members of the Illuminati, better known as the New World Order.
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Victims of Cryptocurrency Fraud and Crime Seek $10 Billion From EU

Greg looks into the crypto scammers, losses that could be the greatest illicit transfer of wealth in Europe since the Nazi looting in WWII. He also looks at a Vatican scam involving Mother Teresa.