Global War, Flat Earth, Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Greg tries to decide what is more important to talk about: War, the size and shape of the earth or atheism. What do you think?


Leo Zagami, Vatican Insider, talks about Satan being at the doorstep of Rome, Greg Anthonys Journal

Greg interviews Leo Zagami from Rome, getting an insider’s look at the many Vatican scandals now erupting in the US and worldwide.

Five Minutes with Greg: Recalling the Follies of Life

Greg laughs about being Polish and his first comedy club gig as a senior citizen


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Nuns witnessed killing children at Vermont Catholic Orphanage, Greg Anthonys Journal

Greg looks at a story from Buzz Feed posted this week about the horrors at a Catholic Orphanage. he also looks at the Social Media crackdown on cointel broadcaster Alex Jones, aka Bill Hicks.


FIat Earth Litmus Test; Vietnam Revisited, Greg Anthonys Journal

Put yourself on Greg’s Truth Meter to see how much you think you been lied to by the Vatican Led NWO.

I Don’t Give a Crap About the Politicized Gay LGBTQ Community, Greg Anthonys Journal

Greg looks at how crazy the world has gotten since you can be called every name in the book and a homophobe just for saying you disagree with the gay lifestyle. He looks at what is happening to Daniel Murphy, a Major League baseball player for the Chicago Cubs, who is being raked over the coals for disagreeing publicly for the gay lifestyle.
Greg also looks at how the Jesuits use the Hegelian Dialectic in the US political system to bring about globalism.