The Investigative Journal is partnering with several companies in the Hemp supplement market, companies with the best Hemp products on the market. If your suffering from medical conditions or just want to sell the product and help others, contact Greg at The Investigative Journal for more. See ad below

Improve Your Health Purchase Our Hemp Products


PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!! Your timing is Absolutely Perfect!

Don’t Miss Out, Your Ship has Come In!

Work Via Your Computer From Home Office or Anywhere
“Changing The Future Outcome”(CTFO) is a $50M Corporation, headquartered in California and is expanding in the USA and Canada with a Clinically Tested and Proven Highest Quality and Lowest Price Organic Non-GMO Cannabidiol (CBD) Pure Hemp Oil. It is Legal and no, it doesn’t get you high and is not addictive-

Demand is going through the roof and rising fast.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Oil is the HOTTEST PRODUCT TO HIT THE MARKETPLACE IN 50 YEARS! This is not like Marijuana. Airline Pilots, Athletes, Firemen, and Police, can use this for Health and do so legally. It is used for medicinal purposes, even with children. You can drink a bucket full and you won’t get “High”, although you might get an upset stomach.

We offer Generous unlimited commissions.
$100K+ – First year potential
$300K+ – Year 2 potential
$500K+ – Year 3 potential

Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Oil sales can also make you an incredible residual income. The timing is absolutely Perfect and the time to start it is NOW! We have the best quality, highest potency and most reasonably priced Hemp Oil in the USA.

Hemp Oil CBD Is The Best Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Anxiety Superfood You’re Not Eating

Note- Our products, Cannabidiol Hemp Oil (CBD) are legal in the US and Canada, unlike marijuana that is legal only in certain states.

We are looking for qualified Sales Representatives. WE supply everything but the computer for you to Work from the comfort of your own home office.

Work when you want to, day or night-

* THERE ARE NO FEES FOR YOU TO GET STARTED! It’s FREE! We’re giving it to you! Including your own Website- Our Company, “Changing The Future Outcome” (CTFO) does ALL the work for you. Just send all your prospects to your “Changing The Future Outcome”CTFO website and you will get paid commissions on all your customer’s online orders and also earn residual commissions on your returning customers orders and more.
* 60 Day 100% Money Back customer satisfaction guarantee

Preferred Candidates must have:
* Ability to work via computer from home office or anywhere.
* Social Media skills is a HUGE PLUS

All new sales people that you refer to work for “Changing The Future Outcome”CTFO, will also earn you Extra Residual Commissions on their sales.
CONTACT AND SIGN UP UNDER GREG …gregbeacon@gmail.com for more info or audio message at 619-375-1228


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