What would happen if WW3 started?

The Investigative Journal was sent this email. Since we have been talking and listening to the sounds of war all over the media, Steve McCoy provided a possible scenario if World War III was to break out anytime soon.

Not a nice scene but the Jesuits are itching for blood and another big war. America this time is in the cross fire. We all love to read, talk and watch movies about wars in the past but today let’s view war in the future. Where will you be? Trump has been tagged by the Jesuits to be the President to light the fuse, possibly the last American President before the world shifts to globalist rule.

What would happen if WW3 started?
Steve McCoy
Updated Dec 19 2017
Nuclear scenario:

Russia and China launch all their ICBMs towards pre calculated targets in the US and NATO affiliated nations.
Early missile defense warning systems are going off all over the country.
NORAD goes to DEFCON 1.
All available US and NATO ICBMs launch at targets in Russia and China.
ETA to missile impact on both sides, 13 minutes.
The president addresses the nation for the last time on live TV.
The president and all essential personnel are moved to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.
ETA to missile impact on both sides, 7 minutes.
The world is in total anarchy. There is no government, there is no order. Tens of thousands die in the civil unrest before the missiles even hit their targets.
ETA to missile impact on both sides, 30 seconds.
The missiles find their targets. Millions, maybe even billions, die in the initial explosions.
Millions more die from radiation poisoning and civil unrest.
Nuclear winter sets in. The sun is blocked out.
All life dies. The world is over.
Conventional Scenario:

February 23, 2019. Russian forces invade Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. All 3 countries fall in a matter of days, maybe hours.
February 24, 2019. US and NATO declares war on the Russian Federation.
March 4, 2019. Chinese and North Korean forces invade Taiwan and South Korea, respectively.
March 7, 2019. The US declares war on China and North Korea.
March 14, 2019. German and US forces from Ramstein Air Base mass on the German-Polish border to meet Russian armor.
March 16, 2019. NATO and Russian forces engage for the first time in WW3. German and US forces get pushed back to Hamburg. Casualties: 13,800 NATO forces, 8,700 Russian forces. Russian victory.
April 2, 2019. US amphibious forces land on the Korean peninsula and Taiwan.
April 2, 2019. North Korean and US forces engage for the first time in 50 years. North Korean forces in South Korea are destroyed and forced to retreat. Casualties: 12,000 on North Korean forces, 3,400 US forces. US victory.
April 9, 2019. Chinese and US forces engage for the first time in 50 years. Chinese forces are taken by surprise at the swiftness of US forces, but manage to deny them a foothold on the beach. Casualties: 2,600 Chinese forces, 3,000 US forces. Chinese victory.
April 29, 2019. German and NATO forces defeat Russian forces and retake Hamburg in the Battle of Hamburg. Casualties: 25,800 NATO forces, 34,400 Russian forces. NATO victory.
May 1, 2019. Russian Air Force starts a bombing campaign against NATO forces. Thousands die in air raids on Paris, London, Rome, and Berlin.
May 17, 2019. Chinese forces invade US soil in Alaska, Washington, and California by using disguised passenger airliners.
June 3, 2019. US forces manage to take back Washington after the Battle of Seattle. Casualties: 15,000 US forces, 21,000 Chinese forces. US victory.
July 12, 2019. Chinese forces pushed out of California in the Battle of Sacramento and the Battle of Los Angeles, but they still hold Alaska. Casualties (combined from both battles): 89,000 US forces, 110,700 Chinese forces. Both sides claim victory.
July 27, 2019. NATO forces defeat Russian forces and take back Warsaw. Casualties: 43,100 NATO forces, 69,500 Russian forces. NATO victory.
August 5, 2019. NATO forces enter Russian occupied Lithuania. Russian forces plan to make it a very costly campaign for NATO.
August 10, 2019. Russia plans to invade Britain in Operation Fox’s Tail. It calls for a bombing campaign of London and other population centers and then invading through France. This still requires France to be captured, however.
September 15, 2019. Russia goes around Germany to invade France. Russian Navy engages German Navy in the Battle of the North Sea. The Russian Navy easily defeats the German Navy. Casualties: 4,500 sailors Russian Navy, 9,000 sailors German Navy.
September 17, 2019. Russian forces land on French beaches. French forces make it difficult for them, but the Russians establish a foothold and move inland.
To be continued… seriously. I feel bad about leaving you guys on a cliff hanger like this, so let me know when you want me to finish it in the comments. Thanks and enjoy.


Conventional Scenario Part 2 (as per popular request):

20. September 24, 2019. Russian forces march into Paris, and are met by heavy French resistance. The Battle of Paris has begun.

21. October 5, 2019. US forces begin the battle to liberate Alaska in Operation Anchorage Liberation. They engage Chinese forces and a bloody battle starts.

22. October 18, 2019. Russian forces are forced to retreat from Paris. Operation Fox’s Tail is delayed by over 7 months. Paris is kept by the French. Casualties: 55,000 French forces, 94,500 Russian forces. NATO victory.

23. December 25, 2019. NATO-Russian forces are locked in a brutal stalemate along the Polish-Lithuanian border. NATO troops are celebrating Christmas when the Russians launch a surprise attack and drive them back to Krakow. The Christmas Massacre is the most infamous event of WW3. Casualties: 31,600 NATO forces, 10,100 Russian forces. Russian victory.

24. January 4, 2020. The US instigates a mandatory draft for all males aged 18 and over. Riots and protests are very commonplace in American cities. 829 people die in the New York Riots, 575 people die in the Washington DC riots, 354 people die in the Chicago riots, 336 people die in the Houston riots, and 297 people die in the Denver riots.

25. January 23, 2020. US forces liberate Anchorage from Chinese control and push the Chinese out of Alaska. Casualties: 50,800 US forces, 96,000 Chinese forces. US victory.

25. February 8, 2020. With its army decimated, China formally surrenders to the US. The US now has more resources and men to commit to the war with Russia. US victory.

26. March 10, 2020. Russia is starting to fight a losing battle. They have lost over a million men in the war. The Russian people are starting to protest against the war. No one knows how long Russia can keep fighting.

To be continued… again. I really do feel bad about this, but I need to take a break sometime, right guys? Don’t you worry though, I’ll get to finishing it tomorrow! 🙂

Conventional Scenario Part 3 (as per popularer request):

28. April 2, 2020. The US Expeditionary Force lands in Britain. 20,000 troops fresh from the US bolster NATO’s ranks.

29. May 16, 2020. US-NATO forces engage Russian troops in Lithuania. The liberation of the Baltics has begun.

30. July 23, 2020. Russian defenders in Lithuania are decimated and the survivors flee the country into neighboring Latvia. Casualties: 25,600 US-NATO forces, 78,400 Russian forces. US-NATO victory.

31. July 30-September 5, 2020. The Baltics have been liberated from Russian control, but the casualties are staggering on both sides. US-NATO forces are poised to march into Russia. Casualties: 96,000 US-NATO forces, 234,500 Russian forces. US-NATO victory.

32. September 27, 2020. US-NATO forces march into Russia. They are met by fierce Russian resistance. The campaign is expected to take at least 9 months.

33. October 7, 2020. There are riots in Moscow. The people want the government to surrender to NATO, but the government is adamant that they can win the war. Some important people in Russia plan to overthrow the president and sue for peace with the US and NATO.

To be continued again…

Conventional Scenario Part 4:

34. November 3, 2020. US-NATO engage Russian forces at the Battle of St. Petersburg. Casualty expectations are high for both sides. Officials in the US fear it could turn into another Stalingrad for US-NATO forces.

35. November 12, 2020. Russian forces plan to launch one last major offensive against US-NATO troops. Code named Operation Knockout, it calls for St. Petersburg to be hit with a nuclear bomb to intimidate the US and NATO and hope they sue for peace. After the nuke detonates, 300,000 Russian troops, supported by 5,000 tanks and 150 aircraft are to advance on US-NATO troops in Russia and Europe, hopefully taking them by surprise.

36. November 27, 2020. The Russian people launch an uprising against the Russian government. They plan to overthrow the government and try to make peace with the US and NATO. However, Russian president Alexei Kuznetsov and his forces manage to quell the rebellion. 280 people are executed by Russian police.

37. December 7, 2020. Operation Knockout is 8 weeks from commencing. However, MI6 agents manage to steal the plans, thus alerting NATO and the US to the plan. US officials are struggling to come up with a countermeasure to the plan.

To be continued…

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