So you’d like to add an additional $1,000 PER WEEK to your pay? 


Here is some important information for my listeners and subscribers on how to increase your income, selling hemp products that really help people. 

First, sign up as a representative under Greg  at the following website

Then off you go and here is some advice on how to get there

So you’d like to add an additional
$1,000 PER WEEK to your pay? 

I PROMISE YOU… If you follow the simple instructions below you’ll set up a true RESIDUAL income that can earn you $1,000 PER WEEK…OR MORE!!!! We have a lot of folks at the $1,000 per week level, but a ton more that are at $200/wk, $400/wk, $600/wk and their checks are growing each week!

 CBD is HOT! HOT! HOT!!!
Here are some VIDEOS (Tools) I use to get peoples immediate interest:


For every 10 people you send the Videos to:
6 will actually watch the videos
4 will enroll because they get excited and it’s FREE to join
2 will purchase the product
(Your numbers may be different – these are averages)

Your Focus – Finding people who are serious about ORDERING the product as well as the business.

If you want 20 new orders, get 100 emails out
If you want 40 new orders, get 200 emails out.
Couple things: The numbers above represent the TOTAL NUMBER OF EMAILS GOING OUT IN YOUR ENTIRE GROUP, NOT JUST YOUR EMAILS. I HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE. You just need to make sure they are following up AND putting the GOOD ONES on the phone with you and your upline leaders.
Again, these numbers can be a LOT higher depending on how good your follow up is.
NOTE: You may ask “where do I get 100 – 300 people to send the Videos to?”
Get creative here – the entire population are potential customers.
Most have problems (aches, pains, challenges, inflammation, etc).
– Phone – First, go to your CONTACTS in your phone – how many contacts do you have. I’m betting 200+. Start there.
– Social Media – Post weekly things about the BENEFITS OF CBD – include a VIDEO or two
– just get creative – everyone wants to know more about CBD!!!
– purchase lead lists – Google lead lists for ______.
Just be careful and only purchase $20 at a time until you feel you can trust a company.
– Ads – You can Run ads in your local papers. NEVER LIST YOUR URL / Domain name (Landing Page link) IN YOUR AD.
You may get a lot of people to enroll for free – but VERY FEW will order. Remember the name of the game – find those who WANT TO PURCHASE THE PRODUCT AND work the business. If you are interested in running an ad, call me and I’ll walk you through the best way to run an ad. BUT, start with getting a voicemail box. I use
It’s only $9.95 per month. I”ll send you a audio file to have placed on your voicemail for people to hear when they call in. It’s powerful and they’ll be READY TO BUY after listening. Just email or call me.
Teach your business builders to do EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING
If you have 5 builders duplicating (sending out 100 emails per month), that means you are now getting out AN ADDITIONAL 500 EMAILS PER MONTH!!! Make sense?

SIMPLE SCRIPT – to get the email (videos) out:
Small talk at first – Then…
“I don’t know if you’ve heard all the BUZZ lately about CBD Hemp Oil, but it’s being touted as the greatest natural compound on the planet. They’re saying it’s the greatest ANTI-Inflamatory, ANTI-Cancer, ANTI-Anxiety superfood ever discovered. Have you read or seen anything on CBD yet?”
If yes 
YOU – “Well then you know how big this is getting. I found an oil – it’s 100% pure, organic, grown and manufactured in the USA Oil at wholesale cost. Only cost me $49 bucks!”
PROSPECT: “Really? Can you hook me up?”
You: “Sure. I’ll email you once we get off the phone.”

If No – 
YOU “I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna send you over the information I found. You’re going to flip. I can show you how you can get the pure stuff at wholesale!”


Compensation Plan Video
– 100% Commissions on CV Per Product Paid Out Weekly
– Earn 20% on all personal enrollees (Customers or Associates) even if you don’t make a qualifying order
– Free Sign Up & Free replicated Website.
– No Yearly Renewal Membership Cost
– Hybrid Plan so EVERYONE wins
– No Gimmicks or Gotchas


Migraine Relief
So this is my first testimonial! I have suffered from chronic migraines for 29 years with little to no relief. I have more pain days than non-pain days! My migraines are Barometric pressure sensitive and severe. I usually wake up in massive pain so severe I can’t lift my head or open my left eye. My prescription drugs stopped working to treat the migraine and recently, because I take it so often, have started feeding the pain. Depression slipped in along the way to which I assumed was caused from the low quality of life I was able to carry on. I started CBD 10 days ago and haven’t had a migraine day since. I wake up so cheerful that I don’t recognize myself and the pain in my left eye is gone. I take a 500mg strength dose in the morning and one at night. If I get a headache mid-day, I take a half dose. I’ve never felt so hopeful of a normal life.
– Carla R.

4 Heart Attacks! Malignant Tumor
I was in very bad shape. Over the past several years I’ve had 4 heart attacks which led to multiple stints. My testosterone is low. My energy levels almost non existent. I was diagnosed with a malignant thyroid tumor – they removed over 80% of my thyroid. I could go on. I had watched a show on CBD and was looking for it. Purchased the 1500mg vial of CBD. After only 3 weeks on this oil – it’s almost a miracle. The CBD Oil has done more for me than my Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, and the entire Veterans Administration put together. I will not go another day of my life without CBD. Thank you!
– James M.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
I have suffered from IBS for the past 25 years. My flare-ups, constipation, and diarrhea can get pretty bad. I’ve been on different medications but never without complications. My husband bought me some 500mg CBD Oil. It’s been less than 2 weeks. Not only am I regular for the first time in over a decade, I have not had to deal with flare ups. I feel normal for the first time in years.
– Sandra J.

Blood Pressure Lowered
I have had high blood pressure for 30 years. Up until about a week ago, I was on 4 blood pressure meds per day!
I have been on the 300mg CBD Oil for around 2.5 weeks now. My BP has gone down. For the last week I’ve only taken 2 of the 4 pills. I have woken up with my blood pressure at 118/68. Yes, that is a fantastic reading. I’m not totally off my medication but its headed that direction. I just ordered the 500mg vial. Cannot wait to see how much better my BP gets.
– Joe M.

Take very good care and let us know how we can help.


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