Mass Depopulation, Has Hollywood Predictive Prgramming Got You?

Top Three Predictive Programming TV Shows that tell the NWO plans for humanity in the future.

The Jesuit Final New World Order Agenda

Greg looks at the big picture and how the Jesuits have put together an age old plan to bring the world under the Pope’s dominion. He looks at a fact filled video presentation as a guideline for this show.

CBD Is Helping, According to Many Testimonials

It’s only been a month or two and already we have people calling in daily to tell us their story and Testimonial. I’ve heard and seen just about everything over the years as a radio broadcaster and journalist but finally some good news! However, I have never seen a product work THIS FAST! This CBD Oil is truly a miracle compound. If you have not tried it yet, you really, really need to. Let me share just a few of the testimonials we’ve received recently…

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Let me share just a few of the testimonials we’ve received recently…
Pain Relief and Anxiety!
I just want everyone to know I’m shouting out . . . I received my 750 CBD oil today and immediately put one small drop under my tongue and 30 minutes later I had no pain I have been suffering with for many years. A number of perforated ulcers removed, my spleen removed, 2 heart attacks, osteoporosis, and many more ailments I won’t mention here because I could go on and on. Thank you, CTFO for almost instant relief. Thank you, Elaine, for all you have done and continue to do for me. By the way, I will be 71 in 4 days, CTFO CBD products are for Everyone suffering!

I was in a motorcycle accident a couple years back. I was in the hospital for over a week. With as many bones I broke (leg, arms, ribs, etc) I didn’t think I was going to be able to function normally ever again. When I walked, I had to cock my head tot he side and lift my shoulder -otherwise it was way too painful to walk. I tried everything from physical therapy to meds. Only 1 week on the Oil and I am 100%. I know it sounds too crazy, but it’s true. I cannot thank you enough for introducing this oil to me.

EMS / Diabetes / Neuropathy in Horses 
My mother has a mini horse named “Tandy” that has been diagnosed with EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) more or less diabetes in horses. This poor guy has neuropathy in his feet so bad that he would take as few steps per day as possible. That is until December 16th 2017 when she started him on CBD oil drops and after a couple of weeks he was walking more and after a couple more weeks he was horsing around with the other horses and as of last week she has reported that he has actually been running in the pasture with the others which is amazing since he hasn’t done that for ages. He has not been on his pain med called “Butte” since giving him the CBD oil. She is giving him the 1500mg CBD Oil twice per day and he is doing great and mom is very glad to have her “Tandy” back.

Pain Free-ze rub 
I have been in health care for 30 years and Liscensed Practical Nurse for the last 11 years. On 6-16-16 I caught a patient that was falling and injured my left shoulder. After physical therapy, cortisone injection and MRI I had surgery on 4/2017. Did more PT and cleared to go back to work. The only problem was while the strength came back slowly the pain was still there in my left upper arm. When CTFO announced this product would be available I know I would be trying it. After first time I knew it would work. It takes only a little and I apply it twice a day once on morning nag once at night. It has been amazing and pain relief is REAL!!!

I’ve had sleep issues as long as I can remember. I try to get at least eight hours but usually wake up after 3 – 4 and toss and turn, mind racing, etc., for 2 – 3 hours and then finally get another 1 – 2 before I awaken still very tired. This goes on every night. I ordered the Sleep Support Spray and used it for the first time last night. When I woke up this morning I felt totally refreshed and energized. I got 7 hours of sleep and never woke up once during the night. I can’t remember the last time that happened, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be happening every night from now on. Changed my future outcome.

I’ll send more testimonials every few weeks. Please feel free to write us.
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Don’t Listen to Government Lies About Medical Cannabis, Hemp Benefits

Greg offers help for small businesses who need money as well as looking at vital information about the benefits of medical cannabis and Hemp

Vatican Led NWO Can’t Get Everyone

In the second half hourGreg talks about how a Russian family survived in the Siberian forest for 40 years without knowing WW II even took place. In the first hour Gfeg talks about the power of Hemp and also dissects how the two US political parties use the Hegelian Dialectyic to bring about the downfall of America and replacing it with a One World Order.

CBD/HPD Benefits; Strange Deaths of Holistic Doctors

Greg provides a part 2 show on the benefits of Hemp Oils and how you can help yourself and help others by selling the products as well. He also looks at the strange deaths of holistic doctors.