Does the Pope and Trump Carry “the Oath of Cain”

Greg looks into the origins of evil and why God Protects The Rulers of Evil

Sexual Harassment Politicized; Where Does Evil Come From?

Greg looks at how the sexual harassment issue is being used by Democrats to gain political advantage and then in the second half hour discusses the origins of evil.

Americans, Movie Extras in Vatican led NWO Reality Show

Greg discusses, Hegelian Dialectic, Washington DC, and where the history of evil.

Persecution of Alamo Christian Ministry Revisited

Greg interviews Bert Krantz of The Alamo Ministry about the life of Tony Alamo

Jesuit Black Hand Wants Your Mind, Body, Soul

Greg looks into why evil and criminality trickles down from the elites to the average Joe and how this benefits the Vatican led NWO. He also kooks at new information about how the Jesuits were behind the assassination of Lincoln.


Greg looks at how the Vatican led NWO is orchestrating a moral decay coming from the highest levels of government and business and working its way down to the average Joe. He also looks at the travesty of justice handed down in San Francisco in the murder of Kate Steinle.

Vatican Created Islam

This is one of the biggest cover ups in the history of the world and historians turn a blind eye to the Vatican’s role in creating Islam. Greg looks at the hidden agenda behind this dirty secret on today’s Investigative Journal radio show. Go to for more info.