Why Protestants Follow Jesuit Futurism

A great case can be made that Jesuits have infiltrated Protestant Churches, bringing them under the umbrella of the Beast in Rome.

2 thoughts on “Why Protestants Follow Jesuit Futurism

  1. What a breath of fresh air! So nice to hear truth! Thanks for your efforts

    Do you have a book that you recommend that i can give to my husband that will start opening his eyes? His family is Catholic (his mom is from Ireland), and they weren’t happy about him marrying a born again Christian. It took me a long time to understand how different we were since the churches won’t even discuss it! Didn’t help that I stopped going to church and reading my Bible. 😥

    Anyway he doesn’t believe in Catholicism but he doesn’t want to get saved either. He has been going to a bible believing church for over two years with me and won’t budge. He listens to audio history books and just wondering in all your research if you could recommend something.

    At one angry time recently he told me he would rather go to Hell with his catholic friends than go to “my” church again. Salvation is clearly preached there. He still comes thank the Lord and each week another seed is planted.

    Also would love to hear your testimony if you have a link you could send.

    Thanks again!

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