Falling In Love; It knows no bounds and will kill you if not found


No one knows the meaning. There is no patent filed on love.

You can fall in love with so many different things it often is confusing to differentiate really what you love and don’t love.

I love a hot coffee in the morning. I love the sound of horses hooves, especially on cobblestones. I love to wake up and hear the sound of your voice, only your voice.

I don’t sleep with horses, at least in my bed, so now love is spilling over from coffee, to horses to women.

But how, tell me please, how can they all be the same emotion or expression when they are so different. How can I love coffee as much as a woman?

The reason: Love knows no bounds. We search for it, die for it and live our whole life looking for it.

A man alone can’t make it, said Papa Hemingway, who really died knowing he messed up that one word – love.

I respect all thoughts, emotions and feelings towards love. I must do that because without it there is no life.

So why draw straws on what you love most: God, Buddha, women, horses or coffee?

My way is not your way but I love them all equally and, if I may, may I say, they love me too.


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