I Have Seen It All Now!

I think I really have seen it all now. Not just really but really, really have seen it all.

The man who worships Babylon, Appolyan and adorns his Penthouse mansion on the 66th floor of Trump Tower like a house of Satanic gold  and a shrine to the Egyptian gods, sat in the Oval Office Friday with a straight face and signed a proclamation for a national day of prayer on Sunday.

Trust me. These adornments, although  a bit hard to read the fine print, are not from a Christian. And the proclamation this turn coat Luciferian president  put forth was for the Harvey victims and healing for our country.
Are you kidding me?
Let’s get this straight.
They cause the hurricane by weather manipulation. Trump of course has to know. Then they host a day of prayer.
Something is really wrong here.
Look at the pictures again of Trump’s mansion apartment and then watch the the ceremony in the Oval Office on Friday below..
You figure it out.
But let me say this: Whatever god those people in the Oval Office are praying to, it isn’t the God in the Bible.

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