John Neihardt Remembered

A listener inspired by a short piece I posted called Blood Brothers From Different Places sent me this email about his experience with John Neihardt, the Poet Laureate in Perpetuity of the great state of Nebraska. He also wanted me to play a short interview Neihardt did at age 90 with Dick Cavette in 1973.

Here is the email and the short interview:

Here’s a link to a John Neihardt video — Neihardt wrote Black Elk Speaks and a history of the west in verse – Cycle Of The West, — he was the Poet Laurette of Nebraska and still is though gone now since 1973 — this Dick Cavette show inspired me to call Neihardt and go and see him and sell a spoken word album deal with him to UA records — I spent six months in prep and went to his farm in Missouri and we recorded two hours a day for 40 days —

This is he reciting the Death Of Crazy Horse from the Cycle, to Cavett – it’s in verse but it’s from all the descriptions he got from all his expereinces over all those years out there on the plains during the 33 years he was writing the Cycle. He was born in 1889.

John Neihardt’s web site is at

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