Imagine Another Life

I once imagined another life, someone not me, a person so different I might be able to live with him.

Usually I picked successful people, people who stood out from the crowd. I did it when I was young and still do it today.

But today I thought what if I picked someone not so successful like a slave or a Jew in the Polish Ghetto.

So let’s do it.

My feet are chained.They give me water and some bread so I can row along with the other men, some black men,some white, some brown, some yellow and they treat us like animals, worse. I have been rowing for 10 days and they let us sleep for two hours hunched over like the Hunchback from Notre Dame.

I’d rather die and hope I do for if there is a God he must be singing in the Heavens for somebody else.

So, I snapped out of it and said simply: Lucky to be me!

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