Stopping Father Time For Good!

I don’t know what time clock Americans are on but it is for sure not my clock.

My little ticking watch got stopped in Italy and Father Time and I have been arguing ever since.

I need more time to sleep and Father would say get up. I need more time to read and Father Time slapped the book in my face.

I never liked Father Time, have been thinking how to stop him and have came up with a solution.
First, stop calling him Father. He is an enemy.
I call him Hitler, for  lack of a better word.
Second, read a book, spend a day on a hammock, rest your feet in salt water and sing your favorite song, shout out loud Go Screw America,
That is for starters.
So Idiot Time, as I like to call him, no longer has room in my life. He was never my Father nor would I  even spend a second looking at the right or left hand of that wicked machine we created called a clock.
Final Solution: Don’t use your cell phone as a clock, Father Time will get you!

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