The Precious Days We “Old Folks” Have Left

There is a time, a point, an exact point, an exact time and place when you realize you are old, and you feel like a downhill  slalom skier racing to the finish line. There is no way to put on the brakes and before you know it you reach the end. The race is over. Did you win or lose? I guess that is debatable. But there is no doubt in my mind I have lost. Life is a race you cannot win.

Discussions about the after life I will leave aside for those more astute in biblical teachings and what is termed blind faith. I have been blind my entire life, according to biblical pundits, for I have never saw what they saw.
However, I see the finish line. I know I am old now and know the exact time. place and moment it happened. I know that death means and what it is like, like they say in the theatre, curtain down and drop the lights to black. Usually, then the applause comes, the lights back on and the actors are in heaven. I hope it is that way in reality but,  frankly, I would prefer to take my chances on stage. Too risky in that unknown after life.

So I hoping for the best and prepare for the worst. The best, well, body gone and spirit alive. The worst, end of show, fade the lights to black.

Old people like mellow songs. So I play you two, by an old timer himself, which highlights the precious moments we old folks have left and lost loves, memories and I still feel after it all, I feel like a young horse rider, riding race horses like I did for so many years. I must say this I give all credit to the horse, not me.

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