Sweet Mama Dog Loving A Child; Two Small Baby Puppies Up For Adoption

What can you say about the Video below better than what a young DS child said: “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes”. It has 22 million hits and counting on the original by Jim Stenson which can’t be played on other sites. Others have got permission to post and I’ve included one of those. Made me cry, I dare admit. After watching the video below go to Jim’s and read his show description. It’s priceless.

The picture below the video is of two three pound between them, 7 week old miniature something puppies. Cute as can be, built low to the ground and playful. There is a feed supply store in town that I stop by all the time. Nice assortment of animals, livestock. They take in abandoned dogs and here in Mexico, like America, there are too many. They always have more than they can handle and I said I would assist them. These are the first two little girls, Jackie and Jill, I am helping them with. They have their first series of shots, wormed and a their flee bath. I bought them a crate and are patrolling my kitchen as we speak. I am looking for a good home for them. I can bring them back to the States if need be.

I had to take them as the stores cages were full and these two little girls were left with six bigger Labs who were eating all their food so I worked it out with the store owners and here they are in need of a good home. Contact me at gregbeacon@gmail.com if interested.

I plan on fixing up my garage and garden to help a few more overflow rescue dogs and the video here  points out why.


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