House Judiciary To Investigate Hillary; Chem Trails are Killing US

Two issues to clear up:
In the first video, US House Rep. King rips the veil off the Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Loretta Lynch cover up. It should be noted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, investigating Trump, was deeply involved in the Uranium 1 Clinton scandal. He should be investigated, as well.

If they are getting white hot for Trump’s scalp, then there is every reason to appoint another Special Counsel  to investigate the Clinton mess. As we speak, 20 House Republicans in the Judiciary Committee have called to investigate the Clinton gang. Let’s see where it goes.

We all know we are being sprayed to death with Chem trails. A listener sent me this next video, saying:
“I sincerely believe this chemtrail pilot signaled the world that Chemtrails are NOT the exhaust from jet engines!  He did it by turning on and off the chemtrails over and over and over again!  This gives us case closed proof that we are being sprayed by Chemtrails!   You can’t get any better proof than this!  Send this video viral!   I first noticed chemtrails in 1996 and sent the proof to Matt Drudge dozens of times over the next few years.  Drudge has hidden the proof of Chemtrails to this very day!   He’s not your buddy!  Anybody who censors chemtrails from you is working for the evil ones!”


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