Don Juan Speaks; Bubonic Plague in Arizona; Foreclosure Mess

Greg hits on a lot of hot topics including North Korea and Charlottesville aftermath

Journey to Your Soul

Night falls in America. Nobody sleeps. It is one day to the next as if the days do not exist.

An endless journey into the hell of what our beautiful America has become. It is a journey to the deepest part of hell.

Not on my watch. It has to be the deepest journey into my soul.

The Foreclosure Mess

Greg walks you through some legal steps to get your house back or tips if you should ever get foreclosed on.

Charlottesville Paid Actors; JFK Hit Team of 8

Events like Charlottesville show how the elite are trying to orchestrate a race war on top of everything else. Greg also continues looking at another probable scenario in the JFK assassination.

Imagine Another Life

I once imagined another life, someone not me, a person so different I might be able to live with him.

Usually I picked successful people, people who stood out from the crowd. I did it when I was young and still do it today.

But today I thought what if I picked someone not so successful like a slave or a Jew in the Polish Ghetto.

So let’s do it.

My feet are chained.They give me water and some bread so I can row along with the other men, some black men,some white, some brown, some yellow and they treat us like animals, worse. I have been rowing for 10 days and they let us sleep for two hours hunched over like the Hunchback from Notre Dame.

I’d rather die and hope I do for if there is a God he must be singing in the Heavens for somebody else.

So, I snapped out of it and said simply: Lucky to be me!

Eight Assassins Paid $50,000 Each To Kill JFK

November 22, 1963, eight Assassins were paid 50,000 each, to assure JFK would never survive another day. The meeting the day prior of the plan and the participants who wanted him dead would surprise you. All conspiracy theories, and recent books still do not tell you the truth, as they were also paid by the CIA, since the original patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald story, is proven to not even be possible. This is the true story and explanation to what really took place that day, according to this documentary, “JFK 911 A Rich Mans Game”.

Special Report – World War III: Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

Greg provides a Special Report on the situation in North Korea.

Is it another orchestrated war coming soon to your neighborhood or is just fear mongering to keep the people in check?

One thing for sure the Vatican/Jesuits are behind the orchestration like an invisible conductor telling the symphony orchestra what music to play.

To be clear, whenever they choose to create another holocaust, they can do it. The question is not if but when!