Swiss Guard Head Says ISIS Soon Will Target Vatican

Greg dissects what the head of the Swiss Guard says. He also looks at another storm brewing on its way to the East Coast, as well as how Americans are used as guinea pigs and a bit of history about Korea

Jesuits Are Despicable Using Hebdo Magazine to Incite Chaos and Racism

The Texas Flood is no laughing matter and not even ripe yet for sarcasm, as recently displayed in Charlie Hebdo’s magazine.

Tragedy plus time equals comedy.  The old time honored comedy maxim wasn’t followed here.

Not only was Hebdo’s magazine cover in poor taste, depicting all Texas flood victims as drowning Nazis, it was a downright lie, illustrating how the Vatican led NWO has there “Boys in place” even overseas to hype up the racial division and chaos they want to create in America.

Remember, the Hebdo false flag terrorist attack? Did they give Hebdo a new identity since mainstream reports said he was killed?

Here is cover of the magazine: Translation: “God Exists! He Drowned All the Nazis in Texas.”

All Time Record Man Made Texas Rain; Jesuits and US Created Communism

More than 51 inches of rain have so far fallen in parts of Texas, an all time North American record. Greg also talks about five major financial steps the Vatican led NWO has employed for world dominion as well as how the West financed and created Communism.

God Created Baseball to Protect From the Foolishness of Men

The first time I sat in Wrigley Field on the third base line it was heaven, better than heaven. I don’t need heaven. It’s here. I was a boy but the fascination and love for baseball has grown a hundred fold stronger.

Patience. A hot dog. A good seat with friends and a lingering game that seems to never end. Deep down it never ends. And when you walk away from your seat, whether winning or losing, you take a last glance at the beautiful field where dreams come true, where men become boys again.

So, as the boys of summer roll into Fall,  my favorite time of year, they will keep us from war and famine because God looks out for the boys on the field and will not let their game be interrupted by the foolishness of men.

Greg discusses this in this special Baseball Report:


Man Made Harvey Devastates; Vatican Finances Shrouded in Secrecy

Greg points out how the evil maniacs who created Harvey through weather modification should be charged with murder. In the second half hour, Greg blows his top over a stupid article about how Vatican finances are now transparent under the direction of Francis. “I was looking to get mad at something today,” said Greg. “I am glad I found this article instead of taking it out on some innocent store clerk who short changed me.”

More Vatican Satanic Symbols; 2025 Only 50m Americans Remain

 Greg looks at some startling depopulation 2025 numbers presented on an “in the know” co-intel web site. He also asks why a grotesque Satanic sculpture hangs beneath the list of dead Popes in the Vatican.

Eclipse Proves Flat Earth A Reality; Apocalyptic Rain in Texas

The weather control maniacs are at it again, this time trying to outdo even the Creator as Masters of Earth. However, their evil tricks don’t go unnoticed here. 

When will people realize the Vatican led NWO is taking down America bt by bit and Trump, Obama, Bush are all in on the dirty tricks?

And regarding Houston and other parts of Texas:

Unfortunately, there is no relief in sight, as over two feet of  of rain have already fallen on the Lone Star State. With streets flooded and strewn with power lines and debris, authorities warned the storm’s most destructive powers were just beginning.

Rainfall that will continue for days could dump more than five feet of water and inundate many communities, including dangerously flood-prone Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city. Another 30 to 40 inches of rain is expected through to Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a just issued bulletin from the NWS Houston warns that “rivers are on the rise and MAJOR to RECORD flooding is forecast.

This picture tells it all


This event could not happen on a Spherical Earth and don’t listen to the lame responses given by NASA. Do your own research and let your common sense be the guide. I have been saying for over 20 years you can’t trust the Vatican led NWO and their puppets in government regarding anything they say or do.

A number of people sent me in pictures of the eclipse but these taken by Brian David Anderson and Karen Lubbers are the best taken from Grand Island Nebraska.