Beach Baptisms, Dogs Running Free, Horses Waiting For Riders

Sunday I walked down to the ocean not far from where I live, a stone’s throw. Dogs running free, horses waiting for riders. Old women selling trinkets, Guitar players singing, people dancing dressed in white waiting to be baptized. The pastor fully clothed, no shoes, walks the woman dressed in white into the surf, dunks her head, clapping and singing begin. Nice scene. Free like the wind. I felt alive for a few minutes as I have been drowning in a sea of sorrow. I made a silent wish and silently said a big sorry to two friends that they couldn’t be running free here today. I waited too long to get out.

Why people in America put up with stupid regulations. I walked the beaches of San Diego, nice surf but no dogs running free, no horses, a sterile place. I was almost fined for walking my dogs at 10 am when the rule is get them off the beach at 9:30 am. Stupid rules. Take your beach and shove it where the sun don’t shine!


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