Greg’s Story of Death: Here Today Gone Tomorrow

In the end we are all fearless.

We are fearless souls fighting till the end.

For what? Fighting….Like fools in a cage, never knowing, never seeing .

We fight like rats. We are no better. At least now. Could it change?


Not till death.

Death brings us there whether we like it or not. It is a question of time, how much, how little, what have we wasted, what have we gained.What will we do the seconds  before the curtain goes down?

I, personally, will have a glass of wine, nothing fancy – white- nice white like I like it.
Think of it? Nobody likes to think of their last wish?
Nobody, nothing.POOF, like I, you, we or me  were never ever here or there or every where. How many souls left that way? So many, so many you can’t count them all. How many?
More than you know…more than you will ever know. But at last check all of us will be added to the list ,a list known as here today and gone tomorrow.

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