Prayers And The Medicine Woman

I was sent the message below by a listener early this morning.

I thought about it, read it three or four times and then asked: Did this Native American Medicine Woman really cure the sick boy?

She prayed first and then I thought, well, maybe God granted a miracle on her behalf. Then I thought further, which is usually a big mistake, why hasn’t there been any Biblical recorded miracles since Christ left?

Then to get in really deep, uncharted, dangerous waters, I asked: Why did the word of God stop being recorded two thousand years ago. Why not keep adding to it? Seems like a fair question.  And, by the way, what’s wrong with adding a few more apostles? Does it have to be 12?

These questions seem childish to the studied  Bible scholar but  even children need thought out answers lest we confuse even the most innocent of minds.

But I stop there and give you the note I was sent by a listener that spurred all these questions. Here it is called Native Wisdom:

Let me share a tale with you as it was told to me…

There once was a Old Medicine Woman who lived in the countryside. One day, as she passed near a village, she was approached by a woman who told her of a sick child nearby. She beseeches her to help this child. So the Old Medicine Woman came to the village, and a crowd gathered around her, for such a woman was a rare sight. One woman brought the sick child to her, and she said a prayer over her.
“Do you really think your prayer will help her, when medicine has failed?” yelled a man from the crowd.
“You apparently know nothing of such things!” said the Old Medicine Woman to the man.
The man became very angry with these words and his face grew hot and red. He was about to say something, or perhaps strike out, when the Old Medicine Woman walked over to him and said:
“If one word has such power as to make you so angry and hot, may not another have the power to heal?”And thus, the Old Medicine Woman healed two people that day.”Language does have the power to change reality. Therefore, treat your words as the mighty instruments they are – to heal, to bring into being, to nurture, to cherish, to bless, to forgive, and to teach.” The Choice is yours as it is my choice to share this telling…
Peace to you and yours


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