Islam vs. Christianity

The strategy of the Vatican led NWO elites is simple. I have been saying it for years and backing it up with example after example. Pit Islam against Christianity. Flood the West with Sharia law followers. Watch the chaos erupt. The video below went viral. Either it’s meant to whip of hatred and violence or the guy speaking is giving the truth as he sees it. Here is the intro sent to me and the video, which was aired on Right Wing Fox US News TV. With that in mind, I think the video is cointel produced.

Retired Marine Steven Gern’s Immigration Video went Viral! 44 million hits in one day! I wouldn’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley when he’s having a bad day! His arms are bigger than my legs. Must spend his life in the gym.

The globalists want to saturate America with the very people that hate us. Now why would they want to do this? SIMPLE !!! They want to wipe out Christianity, so they can reign in their antichrist one world leader, over a one world government. And then set up a one world religion. (Luciferism) the global cabal are just going to use Islam as a means to destroy Christianity, but they hate Muslim as well, they have been deceived also. Its just a means to their end and final goals.


One thought on “Islam vs. Christianity

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