Max And Harvey

The clip is from Harvey, I think Jimmie Stewarts best performace was perfecto. You can say what you you want about Hollywood, but he is a gem, a diamond in the rough. His voice, not eloquent but with this unique quality only God gave him. I always thanked God for giving us this man, a hero both on the battlefield ,his career and his marriage. A nice man, long since gone from Sunset Blvd.

I am going to play the clip and tell you Harvey lives today. He just changed his name to Max. I will play the clip, be patient no internet rage, first Max’s story

It started like this, simple truth. I was in the parking lot of a Calimax, a Mexican grocery chain. Let me stop here. I should add, this chain sets up a free cooking facility with a hot cooker for those who cannot afford to eat. Nice, America take notice.

As I closed my car door, a voice said: leave the windows open.
I knew it was Max and I said you can come on in now.
So he did.
We strolled down the isles together.
And as we were strolling, I asked: how’d you learn to speak.
He looked at me with a rolling eye, could never get a word in edge wise before now.
We ambled and scrambled down those endless grocery lines. I was thinking get me back to Italy. I don’t like shopping like this!
So this is what you guys eat , Max blurted out.
Take me to the  fish section.
I tell you later.
We checked out and I bought my usual bottle of wine with dinner.
While I was paying, Max said:
Thanks for keeping me out of these places all these years. You are a good guy.
We rode home in the same car, the same way.
I opened the door He jumped out.



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