Jesuit Gunpowder Plot Revisited Greg Anthonys Journal

From the first moment the details of the plot to blow up The House of Commons became known, the government sought to have the Jesuits incriminated as being behind it. During the final years of Elizabeth’s reign severe legislation had been passed making Jesuits and those who harboured them, criminals, punishable by death. Many Jesuit priests were subsequently captured and executed. The Society of Jesus was founded by a Spaniard, Ignatius Loyola, under the name “The Company of Jesus”. Ratified in a Papal Bull of Paull III, the name was latinised to “Societas Jesu” on 27 September 1540. Loyola’s self reform and his enlistment of followers, was not initially set up as a vehicle to oppose Protestant doctrine, moreover it had in its aims academic study and education. Loyola offered his orders services to the Pope, and in time they became a powerful tool in the Papal Counter Reformation of the sixteenth century. Taken from the GPS. The Gunpowder Plot Society


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