Vatican CIA Mass Killing of Duplessis Orphans Greg Anthonys Journal

I first learned of the horrendous Duplessis Orphan story more than 13 years ago. It is one big reason I kept hammering away at the Vatican and Jesuit Order for their crimes against humanity. Here you have eye witness testimony and survivor stories that shock the very foundations of humanity. Spending countless hours interviewing many of the survivors and their families, I find it difficult to believe America for the most part won’t listen when it comes to the truth about the Vatican.
Published on Jul 10, 2017
Guest Rod Vienneau Discusses the Duplessis Orphan Scandal as Greg looks back at interview with Rod Vienneau who has for 15 long years has been trying to get justice for the horrendous crimes committed against his wife, Clarina. It’s been a long, hard battle – a fight that looks like David v. Goliath since the U.S. and Canadian governments are battling him tooth and nail to keep his case quiet. And the reason for the government barricade at revealing the truth is Vienneau’s case opens a “can of worms,” exposing the government sanctioned torture and abuse of more than 50,000 children involved in illegal psychiatric government-sanctioned experimentation programs.


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