Greg Interviews Tony Gambino of the Gambino Crime Family

I learned of Vatican corruption and connections with the organized crime when I worked in Rome. I saw it firsthand there and in the little town I lived in, Campagnano di Roma, I had dinner on a few occasions with a Mario Cuomo. He wasn’t the political guy here in the states but a top dog in the Naples Mafia, the Camorra. He was, to me, a nice guy, bought me a lot of dinners. I thought he was a wealthy landowner but later learned when I saw him splattered in blood on the front page of the Rome papers, he was in deep in the Naples mob. I will tell you the full story if you come back to the site.  Mob people don’t talk much but I found one and did an interview and radio show with Tony Gambino. This show has been spread over the internet like wildfire. Even today, almost a decade ago, someone downloaded it. I will play his version for you


2 thoughts on “Greg Interviews Tony Gambino of the Gambino Crime Family

  1. Excellent! Mr Gambino has been near-proven correct on every one of the statements he offered a decade ago — save the Hoffa one, for now anyway. Hoffas tomb, concealed in a concrete abutment of the George Washington Bridge, could easily be proven with modern hi-tech scanners. My monies on Gambino’s version of this whacky, or WHACKED, tale.

    Badda Bing, Mr Gambino!

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