Abandon Ship

Water keeps us alive. Our bodies are made out of a lot of it. Living on it is refreshing. I have lived for years on it, going up and down with the tide, every night maybe six or more feet difference but never knowing it. The Investigative Journal was produced from this boat and the computer was in the starboard midships section. Tight quarters but how much space does a man need. I had to abandon ship since my dog Max can no longer get on and off.  The boat sits idle and I doubt I will live on it again, too many bad memories of losing first Ms Moose in January and now Max suffering from what appears to be bone cancer of the right front leg. I am no stranger to losing loved ones, not to mention human ones. I trained horses for years and my deepest regret was to lose them so young and watch how a few years turned them into old grey mares and geldings. In my life I had a chance to visit where the great Secretariat trained in South Carolina and got to know his first rider training as a young two year old. Ronnie Roland was his name and we rode together on that SC training track. His story I will tell another time. I am wanting you, the listener and reader to get Inside the Investigative Journal, beyond the articles so that we connect since we all have a story to tell, including this humble reporter. BTW, Max is by my side tonight and like Ms Moose always with me.


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