Greg looks at how Christians are being blindsided by a new wave of secular atheism bent on a total wipe out of Christianity. Christians are too damn nice, he says, and need to wake up fast or their children will suffer. Greg also comments on an emailer who questions why he is obsessed with death.

Beach Baptisms, Dogs Running Free, Horses Waiting For Riders

Sunday I walked down to the ocean not far from where I live, a stone’s throw. Dogs running free, horses waiting for riders. Old women selling trinkets, Guitar players singing, people dancing dressed in white waiting to be baptized. The pastor fully clothed, no shoes, walks the woman dressed in white into the surf, dunks her head, clapping and singing begin. Nice scene. Free like the wind. I felt alive for a few minutes as I have been drowning in a sea of sorrow. I made a silent wish and silently said a big sorry to two friends that they couldn’t be running free here today. I waited too long to get out.

Why people in America put up with stupid regulations. I walked the beaches of San Diego, nice surf but no dogs running free, no horses, a sterile place. I was almost fined for walking my dogs at 10 am when the rule is get them off the beach at 9:30 am. Stupid rules. Take your beach and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

Greg’s Story of Death: Here Today Gone Tomorrow

In the end we are all fearless.

We are fearless souls fighting till the end.

For what? Fighting….Like fools in a cage, never knowing, never seeing .

We fight like rats. We are no better. At least now. Could it change?


Not till death.

Death brings us there whether we like it or not. It is a question of time, how much, how little, what have we wasted, what have we gained.What will we do the seconds  before the curtain goes down?

I, personally, will have a glass of wine, nothing fancy – white- nice white like I like it.
Think of it? Nobody likes to think of their last wish?
Nobody, nothing.POOF, like I, you, we or me  were never ever here or there or every where. How many souls left that way? So many, so many you can’t count them all. How many?
More than you know…more than you will ever know. But at last check all of us will be added to the list ,a list known as here today and gone tomorrow.

The Man Who Swims With Crocodiles

Over the course of 14 years, I created a strong internal bond with my two dogs, Ms Moose and Max. I loved a girl once and she left me because she said I spent too much time with my dogs. She didn’t understand it was a different kind of love, most people don’t.

I would talk to Max and Moose often, communicating without words.  And when times were tough and when I thought all hope was gone, we communicated through our eyes, sometimes even telepathically and sometimes through our touch. They always seemed to have the answers saying. “Don’t worry there is a God and everything will be OK”.

They are both gone now but I still try communicating. A good friend of mine lost his dog, Annie, and emailed, saying he thought at first it was just an emotional attachment but it must be something more. I wrote him back saying:

As far as the emotional attachment with Annie, you can bet you will always have one. I was close to Max and Moose with them every day for 14 years and a day doesn’t go by that they don’t return to me in some way. I still can’t talk about  it without tears. We all have our own way of grieving. I lost both of them in the last six months and Max just three weeks ago. When I return home, I am lost and don’t want to be there. Sometimes I cry out in anger at God, sometimes I fall into the chair feeling helpless. I still talk to them, pretending they are in the car and, in fact, now I bring them into the grocery store since they were always too big to go in. 

Now no one sees them but me. As I got closer to them  over the years, I found they learned to communicate with me before I did with them. Once I learned, words were not needed. The bond was tight. I believe all animals want to communicate with us but modern man has really turned the animal world into play things, objects or even enemies. You know better than me the Native American bond with animals. So, this loss you feel is partly the loss of an ancient  bond you had with Annie, an ancient cry to be one with nature and animals lost in modern society. I try to keep my mind busy and one reason I took this job away from home as I could not have imagined working from home now as even now I see them sitting next to me while I am typing.

One of my listeners sent this you tube and thought you might enjoy it. After the intro it gets good at the 8 minute mark.. It’s called The Man Who Swims With Crocodiles:


Mafia, Yellowstone Will Blow, Hemingway Lives On

The idea Hemingway was drugged to death by the CIA is hidden away just like all their other supposed suicides, many surrounding the Clinton’s/ Greg looks at that as well as it is not a matter of if the Caldera under Yellowstone will blow, it is a matter of when and it could be sooner rather than later.


Sherman Skolnick was a man with deep convictions of what is right and wrong and he played it out with hard work. Life goes by, don’t waste it.

The Last of the Mafia Mohicans

The Mob. Cosa Nostra, the Camorra.

I knew some of these people, met them, had coffee with them, drank wine with them  when I lived in Italy and when I returned to NY interviewed Tony Gambino, grandson of the Boss. He was straight forward. So would you be after spending more than a decade in the pen.

As America sits now, someday you will wish they were back. You think about that, as what we have now is worse, much worse….There are no rules now, rules most people don’t understand.

One of my favorite actors said it best when he portrayed the Teflon Don or what I say the last of the NY Mohicans:

Sherman Skolnick: The Judge Buster

Sherman and I go back a lot of years and one thing I know he got his facts straight. The show here was great but our late night private conversations were even better.

Jimmy Stewart, Beau, Max and Moose Miss All You Guys

There are so many Jimmy Stewart movies I like, can’t remember them all.. Loved his style, his movies, the way he handled stage and off stage. Dedicated to his wife, his country, his craft. But when I saw the video below I gained further respect as I am going through a loss of my friends like I think Jimmy felt when he lost his friend, Beau. It gave me great comfort to hear these words from a true gentleman, the likes of which Hollywood hasn’t seen for a long time.

Listen up:

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

I told myself I didn’t want to live any more.

Enough of the nonsense.

I lost my best friends, no reason to stay.

Last night wrestled with the covers like a wild cat. Never lived with a cat. Why was I wrestling?

The idea of the final day is creeping into my soul.
If John Wayne heard me now he’d say you remind of this guy called the man who shot Liberty, Liberty Valance.
He was a thinkin’ man that lawyer friend. He would of died that night, that  is he wanted to die  but I came to his rescue. He wanted to die because he was ashamed of who he was, a thinkin man in a shootin’ town.. I shot Valance from afar and the legend of who shoot Liberty Valance goes on. As far as my lawyer friend, he never killed himself like he wanted to do that night and he became a Governor of one of our great States of our country..
Moral of the story: Don’t try to kill yourself!