Jesuits Orchestrate American Revolutionary War 4-12-17

Published on Apr 12, 2017

Gregg looks at how the founding fathers hidden agenda was connected to the Jesuits. No organization has benefited more from the growth of America then the Vatican and Jesuits. Don’t Believe The Fairy Tales You Read In History Books: Founders in pocket of Jesuits from the outset.

Greg looks at how former Jesuit General, Lorenzo Ricci, could very well have orchestrated the American Revolution and was the brains behind the formation of this country, giving marching orders to the Founders. Research in this area by supposed esteemed historians is greatly lacking or perhaps purposely covered up.Who do you think controls what stories, how fanciful and fictitious they may be, in our university history books? If you want to know, listen to this show.


4-12-17 Radio Show


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