President Trump Free Christian Pastor Tony Alamo 4-21-17

Published on Apr 21, 2017

Tony Alamo and his Christian Ministry have been targeted for more than 40 years by US government agencies, including but not limited to the FBI, BATF, CIA and IRS. FBI informants have come forward with sworn testimony they were hired to frame Pastor Alamo for his Biblical and Political views. This sworn testimony was not allowed in his 2008 criminal trial for violations of The Mann Act in which close examination of trial and appeal documents indicate a miscarriage of justice of the worst degree. Furthermore, this ministry has been falsely depicted as a cult by government officials and an orchestrated media campaign of the ruling elite and Vatican controlled powers in our government. Our goal is to have 82-year-old Pastor Alamo released from prison immediately. He has already served more than 8 years of a 175 year sentence for crimes he did not commit. He is presently in poor health, legally blind and needs proper medical care which he is not receiving in prison.

4-21-17 Radio Show

Christian Persecution, Chem Trails, Flat Earth 4-20-17

Published on Apr 20, 2017

Greg asks Trump to free Christian Pastor Tony Alamo as well as taking a deep dark look at the contents of Chem Trails. Greg also asked Google if the earth is flat.

4-20-17 Radio Show

Do Elites Have Antidote For Chem Trails 4-19-17

Published on Apr 19, 2017

Greg calls on a scientist/journalist from Germany for a deeper analysis of Chem Trails. Everybody knows there is aluminum, barium, strontium and titanium in the chemtrails. But have you ever heard about piezoelectric crystals and of the so called “Smart Dust” – of Morgellons? Besides the poisoning of the atmosphere with heavy metals, is there a more sinister plan underway? Don’t miss this show for possible answers.

4-19-17 Radio Show

Trump Shows Off Big Rabbit at Occult Easter Egg Roll 4-18-17

Published on Apr 18, 2017

Greg says we are in deep trouble as Trump reveals his true occult Illuminati agenda at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Don’t miss this show if you want the truth about the occult significance of the rabbit as there seems to be Illuminati Rabbits Everywhere! Greg also gives out the 5 best reasons to no longer believe in the Globe.

4-18-17 Radio Show

Jesuit Fraud Albert Einstein vs The Bible and Nikola Tesla 4-17-17

Published on Apr 17, 2017

Greg delves into the world of Nikola Tesla and how the Vatican led NWO and the Jesuits have deceived us by promoting Einstein and the heliocentric theory. Greg also updates the persecution of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministry

Greg Anthony,,

4-17-17 Radio Show

Part 2 Jesuits Orchestrate American Revolutionary War 4-14-17

Gregg looks at how the founding fathers hidden agenda was connected to the Jesuits. No organization has benefited more from the growth of America then the Vatican and Jesuits. Don’t Believe The Fairy Tales You Read In History Books: Founders in pocket of Jesuits from the outset.

Greg looks at how former Jesuit General, Lorenzo Ricci, could very well have orchestrated the American Revolution and was the brains behind the formation of this country, giving marching orders to the Founders. Research in this area by supposed esteemed historians is greatly lacking or perhaps purposely covered up. Who do you think controls what stories, how fanciful and fictitious they may be, in our university history books? If you want to know, listen to this show.


4-14-17 Fri

FBI BATF Used Chemical GAS Weapons on US Christians 4-13-17

Published on Apr 13, 2017

Why are the media and American public NOT outraged about a Christian “concentration camp” that exists outside of Albany, Ohio? Why do we persecute and jail Bible believers in this country as well as allow Christian genocides to go on, as we speak, all over the world? If you want some answers, listen to this installment of Greg Anthony’s Investigative Journal.
Greg says, “I see outrage about chemical weapons used by in Syria. But where is the outrage about chemical weapons used against people in our country as well as our government allowing Chem Trails to be used against all of the innocent people in the world?”


4-13-17 Radio Show