Christians Jailed in America, Siberian Gulag Prisoners Treated Better 3-17-17

Greg reveals the shocking treatment of Bible believing Christians, Jailed with gag orders in an interview with Debra Ondrisek of The Alamo Ministry.

GREG.FRI 3-17-17


One World Religion Government Not Far Off 3-16-17

Greg looks at the Hegelian dialectic played out in the US political system leading to an eventual One World Government and Religion.


VaticanJesuit Agents Persecute US Bible Believers 3-15-17

Greg interviews Bert Krantz of The Alamo Ministry. The way this ministry has be targeted by the FBI, BATF, all Jesuit controlled agencies, is shocking. Why does the government allow radical Islamic groups to exist here but persecute Bible believing ministries who aren’t afraid to out the Vatican as the anti Christ
Greg Anthony,,

GREG.WED 3-15-17

Witnesses Bribed, Letter To Trump, Free Tony Alamo 3-14-17

Greg discusses the persecution of the Christian Ministries in the US and then continues his discussion on Why God allows evil to exist, citing the story of Cain and Abel for some answers.
Greg Anthony,,

GREG.TUE 3-14-17

Jesuits Killed Lincoln; why does God allow evil 3-13-17

Greg presents evidence on the Lincoln assassination the mainstream media won’t touch. He also looks at the biblical story of Cain and Abel when trying to figure out why God allows evil to exist.


Pope Want Priests to Marry Priests 3-10-17

Greg touches on facts revealing the Vatican/Jesuits orchestrated the Revolutionary War and helped create America for “peculiar” purpose. He also remarks on how the Pope said he thinks it would be OK for priests to marry. He then spends the majority of the show discussing 10 points to see if Trump is on the level or only another Presidential pawn playing the Jesuit Hegelian dialectic.
Greg Anthony,,



Chem Trails Are Criminal, Killing People Softly 3-9-17

Greg looks back over a decade at Chem Trails and NSA Spying, saying it only gets worse today. Don’t miss this show if you want some tips on how to protect yourself from toxic Chem Trails.

GREG.THU 3-9-17

Lucifer vs God Right Here In America 3-8-17

Greg interviews Greg Seago of The Alamo Ministry, a Christian Ministry targeted by the Jesuits, FBI for telling the truth about the Vatican. Don’t miss this show if you want to understand Jesuit infiltration in the US
Greg Anthony,,

GREG.WED 3-8-17

Leo Zagami Fights Against Occult NWO Freemasonry 3-7-17

Greg interviews Leo Zagami in Rome about the tentacles of Jesuits in Freemasonry driving an occult movement for a one world order, one world religion. The discussion goes back to the infamous P2 Masonic Lodge in Rome up until the present rise of terrorism and the Vatican/CIA connection of ISIS.
Greg Anthony,,

3-7-17 Tue



Jesuit, Trump, NWO US Plan 3-3-17

Greg looks at the big picture and how the Jesuits, the Pope nd Trump fit into a coming One World Order, One World Religion

Greg Anthony,,

GREG.FRI 3-3-17