The Pope’s Secrets Part 2 8-25-15

Tony Alamo wrote this in 1985 and is relevant even more today. He has been jailed for 175 years for teaching the truth about the Vatican. This is Part 2 as presented by Bert Krantz


One thought on “The Pope’s Secrets Part 2 8-25-15

  1. Jeremiah 48:10. Cursed be he who does the word of the LORD with slackness.
    This is another of the biblical quotes he may have been searching for.
    The big thing about the Roman Catholic Church cult is what an idolatrous church it is, and how many curses and abominations flow from it. These, that church calls spells. But they are the curse from God for idolatry.
    The big thing that ritualizes idolatry is the ‘eating of food offered in sacrifice to idols’, urged on by Jezebel arguably the Virgin Mary – the mill stream Virgin daughter of Babylon of Isaiah 47:1. This weds or joins the votary to demons during the ‘sacrifice’ of the Mass which is ‘celebrated’. This ritual is called ‘the deep things of Satan’, or
    ‘the secret things of Satan’ depending on which version of the bible is read from, where canniballistic flesh and blood is eaten under the appearance of bread and wine, transubstantiated by sorcery which is itself an abomination. This demonic ritual is communion or the eucharist. These facts can be found in the first three chapters of Revelation. The abominable Roman Catholic Church harlot is 100% the synagogue of Satan. Such devotees are called ‘sons of the sorceress’ in Isaiah 57, and God sees them as poking their tongues out at Him – making sport of, and giving cheek to ridicule Him.
    The song of Moses found in Deuteronomy 32:17,21 proclaims idols to be no gods, and demons to be no gods; which in effect is saying also that idols or statues knelt before in prayer or at Mass are in fact demons.

    An incantation against these spells is to destroy these idols and say, “Good riddance!”
    Isaiah 27:9 expiates fully the guilt of the nation by total destruction of idols made of plaster (chalk) and shrines as was done by all the pronounced good kings of Israel who reigned in peace and safety as a direct result.
    God’s name is ‘Jealous’ for He is a jealous God. Jealousy is the rage of a man, says Proverbs. Idolatry provokes God’s wrath too. Trumpet 7, the seven bowls of God’s wrath cumulatively are poured out on the earth in Revelation chapter 16, the whole chapter.
    Hosea 4:6. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
    It is important to point out that this lack of knowledge is the lack of the ‘knowledge of God’ by harking back to Hosea 4:1.
    Crucifixes and crosses are also idolatrous. God calls them nailed down scarecrows in Jeremiah 10:5. (Google ‘images of scarecrows’.)


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