The Founding Fathers and Lorenzo Ricci design the Seal of the USA 7-31-14

Greg continues discussing the founding fathers and the Lorenzo Ricci the Jesuit Superior General designed the Seal of the United States.  He also talks about signs and symbols continued from 7/30/14.  Also, Greg talks about the street layout of Washington, DC.

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The Founding Fathers and Rome and the Seal Of the USA 7-30-14

Greg discusses how the founding fathers worked with Lorenzo Ricci on designing the Seal Of The United States!  Greg also talks about Tupper Saussy’s and Tony Alamo’s cases.

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The Founding Fathers and Lorenzo Ricci 7-29-14

Greg discusses more about the founding fathers and their heresies working with the Lorenzo Ricci, The Jesuit Superior General.  How Lorenzo Ricci faked his death and met with George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others to design the American Flag.  Check out the East India Company which is run by the Freemasons and the Jesuits, does that flag of the East India Company remind you of our two flags?  The North and South Flag!

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Our Warring Nation for the Vatican 7-28-14

Greg discusses about our warring nation.  He goes through history about the Revolutionary War, etc.  He also discusses the Good and Bad CIA.

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Tupper Saussy reveals the truth behind the Founding Fathers 7-25-14

Greg discusses what Tupper Saussy revealed the founding fathers and how he was persecuted by the government for exposing the Vatican.  He wrote “Miracle On Main Street” and “The Rulers Of Evil”.

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Investigative Journal on

Tony Alamo false allegations made on his case Post 7-24-14

Greg discusses about the false allegations on the Tony Alamo Case.  Greg talks about the prior discussions with Tony before his arrest.

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The Vatican and Corporations that bow to the Papacy Post 7-23-14

Greg discusses the signs and symbols; corporations that bow to the Papacy, etc.

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